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<poem> a'nak ma'ta, pupil of the eye. a'yer ma'ta, tears. bi'bir ma'ta, the eyelids. bi'ji ma'ta, eyeballs. bn'lu ma'ta, eyelashes. cher'min ma'ta, spectacles. ch-lek' ma'ta, to open the eyes. e'kor ma'ta, the corners of the eyes. k-jam' ma'ta, to close the eyes. k-lo'pak ma'ta, the eyelids. ma'in ma'ta, to make eyes at a person. p-jam' ma'ta, to close the eyes. pu'teh ma'ta, disappointed. s-ma-ta-ma'ta, altogether, en- tirely. sb'lah ma'ta, one eye. s-k-lip' ma'ta, the twinkling of an eye. tn'tary ma'ta, right in one's eyes. ma-ta-ha ri, the sun; see mata. ma'ti, dead; to die; a fixture, fixed. Cf. mampus. ma'ti di-bu'noh, assassinated, executed. ma'ti la'par, died of starvation. ma'ti l-mas' , suffocated, drown- ed. ma'ti pu'chok, impotent. a'rgin ma'ti, the wind has died away. ba'ris ma'ti, see baris. g-ran' ma'ti, freehold. her'ga ma'ti, fixed price. i'l-at ma'ti, to tie with a knot that will not slip. ja'ri ma'ti, the middle finger. ma-ta-ha'ri ma'ti, the West. o'rarg ma'ti, a corpse. s-pa'roh ma'ti, half dead. tan'da ma'ti, see bari*. ma'ti-k<m. to kill. Jc-ma'ti-tin, death, decease. ma-to'ka (Eng.), motor car. mat'ros (D.), sailor. ('!'. pralui.. mau' (45), to wish, desire; al>"> as an auxiliary verb, will. shall, would, should. Cf.. In/dak. man,',, .mau' . ., either, .or. . in tin' la' man', whether willing or not, -nolen* ro/r//.v. a' pa man' ! what do you want- maut' (Ar.), death. Cf. mati. 'a' lam maut', hades: also 'alam

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ma' war (Pers.), rose. a'yer ma' war, rose water. b/i'n/ii a'l/cr nni'irnr, the rose. ma' was, the " orang utang." ma'yai^f, a cluster of flowers on- palm trees. Cf. Iclopak. may as = ma was, q.v. ma'yat (Ar.), corpse, dead body (of human beings). Cf r . batykai. ma'yoqg;, a Malay theatrical per- formance. Cf. wayaxj. maz'mur (Ar.), a psalm; see zabur. maz'hab, sect: also nnnlliliab. 'm'bek, to bleat (of sheep and goats). 'm'boh, to be willing, agree. 'm-boli-m'bo-han, although. 'm'bun, dew. me dan, see maidan. me'ga (Sk.), clouds. me'ja (Port.), a table. ja'ga me'ja, to wait at table. ta'roh me'ja, to lay the table. mem' (Eng.), madam, Ah-.. lady. Cf. nonja. me'mang:, already, in the same- condition as before, always, invariably, naturally, o f course.