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<poem> in' ilnl- ntu-ti-a'ra, mother-of- pearl. Tnu'tu, the decree of purity of gold. ' inns' 8~pu'loh nni'hi. pure gold. N na'hi (Ar.). a prophet. na-bi'ah (Ar.), prophetess. na'bu-at (Ar.), prophecy; pro- perly nnl)uni. Cf. ntibi. l'r-na'bn-at, to prophesy. na'di (8k.). the pulse. na'fas (Ar.), breath, respiration. her-na'fiix, having breath or life. Cf. Hjdini. na-fi'ri (Pers.), trumpet. naf kah (Ar.), expenses, cost of living. naf su (Ar.), desire, appetite, passion. ha'im ntif'xn. sensual desires. nnf'sii dit'iii-fi, worldly desires or lust>. na'ga (Sk.), dragon, fabulous serpent. nah'(132), there; also = to/j. na hu (Ar.), grammar. na'ik, to go up, come up, ascend, rise, mount. Cf. daki. na'ik da' rat, to go ashore. iia'ik h/i'/i. to perform the pil- grimage to Mecca. iin'ik her' (/a, to rise in price. iia'ik ka'jxil, to go on board a ship from a boat. Cf. iurun. t m' lie I'-rc'ia, to ride in a carri- age. mi' ik kii'iln. to mount a horse]* on horsel)ac-k. .iia'ik mni'/i-lai, to be a bride- groom. iw'ik patg'kai. to rise in rank. na'ik it-ra'lni, to go on board a vessel. na'ik ra'ja, to become king. na'ik- NY//-V. to become a wit- ness. na'ik ht-run, to go up and down (as a road in hilly country). iid'i-ki, to mount upon, get up on, climb on to. na'ik-k(tn, to raise, elevate, cause to ascend. k-na'i-kan, that on which one mounts, a horse, elephant, carriage or ship. na'jis (Ar.), ceremonially un- clean. na'j'is-kan, to defile. nak', abbreviation of Jindak. na'kal, naughty. na-kho'da (Pers.), the captain of a ship. Cf. kapitan. 'nam, see ana in. na'ma (8k.), name. na'ma bu'sok, a bad reputation. na'inn i/at;/ ba'ik, a good repu- tation. ber-na'ma, named, called. ter-na'ma, famous. nn'ma'i, to name, give a name to, call. k-na'ina'an, renowned. nam'pak, to appear, be visible; also tampak. Cf. liliat and rnpa. na'nah, ]>us. matter. na'nas, pineapple. narg'ka, the jack fruit. Cf. nan'ti, tn-nan'H, to wait; used colloquially as an auxiliary verb to express the future (4. %48).