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<poem> ni'kah (Ar.), marriage; to marry. Cf. kahwin. ni'kah-kan, to unite in mar- riage. ni'la (Sk.), indigo. ni'Iai, m-ni'lai, -kan, valuation; to value. ni'lam (Tarn.), the sapphire. n'i'mat (Ar.), favour, benefit, grace ; pleasure, enjoyment, delicacies. ni'pah, a palm-like plant which grows in marshy land. ni'pis, thin (as opposed to t-bal', thick). Cf. tipis and halus. ni'ra, the sap of the coco-nut palm, which becomes tuak by fermentation. nischaya, see nschaya. ni'shan (Pers.), gravestone, monument; also nesan. nis'ta, m-nis f ta, -lean, abuse, in- vective; to abuse, insult. n-la'yan (Sk.), fisherman. nntiasa, see sntiasa. no'bat or nau hat (Ar.), a large drum used only by reigning princes. noktah, see nuktali. nom'bor (Eng.), number. nona, see norya. bu'ah no'na, the custard apple. no'iya, married woman, Mrs. (in the Straits used only of Chinese women; in the Dutch Indies, njonja = mar- ried woman, whether Euro- pean or Chinese, and nona = a young unmarried woman). n-ra'cha (Sk.), a balance, scales. Cf. dachirg and timbarg. n-ra'ka (Sk.), hell. Cf. ;7iw- nam. ns-cha'ya (Sk.) (138), certain- ly. Cf. iniu. 'n'tah, it is doubtful, it is un- known, I don't know. 'n'tah. .a' tau. ., whether, .or. , 'n'tak, to bump. nubuat, see nabuat. nugraha, see anugrah. nu'jum (Ar., stars), astrology; also 'ilmu 'n-nujum. ah'lu 'n-nu'jum, astrologers. nuk'tah (Ar.), vowel points, dia- critical marks. Cf. baris. nur' (Ar.), light. nu'ri, paroquet. lya (13, 24), his, hers, its. lya'dar, deep, profound (of sleep). Cf. llap. iyah', go away ! be gone ! to go- away. ryah'kan, to send away, drive away. lya'la, rn-rya'la, flame ; to blaze. ber-rya'la, flaming, blazing. nja 'la-kan, to cause to blaze up. Cf. gdlak. lya'man, health ; healthy, in good health. Cf. sihat. " lya'mok, mosquito. lya'iyi, m-nja'nji, to sing. rya'nji-an, song. lyaViig, loud, shrill (of sounds). su-a'ra yarg rya'rirg, a loud voice nja'rirg-kan su-a'ra, to raise the voice. lya'ris, almost, nearly. Cf. liam- pir. lya'ta, plain, evident, clear, ma- nifest. Cf. traiy.