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<poem> pa'lis, m-ina'lis, to turn the head. pa'lit, m-ma'lit, to smear, daub. pal'kah (naut.). a liateh. pa'lorg, trough, manger; also /Hi'lo-iyan. pal'su (Port.), false, spurious. pa'lu, m-ma'lu, to strike, beat ( with a stick) ; also used of striking certain musical in- struments, and of the chas- tening of God. Cf. gasak and bdal. pa'man, uncle ; a form of address to elderly men. pa'nah, in-ma'nah, a bow (the weapon of that name) ; to shoot with the bow. Cf. l> itfa r. a'nak pa'nali, arrow. pa'nas, heat, warmth, sunshine; hot, wann (of temperature or anger, but not hot of spices, which is pdas}. Cf. haryat. pa'nas lia'ti, anger. pa'nas t-rck', extremely hot (of the weather). Jiu'jan pa'nas, rain during sun- shine. Hiii'sim pa'nas, the hot season. it-am' pa'nas, prickly heat. pa'nau, a disease causing large white patches on the skin. pan'cha (Sk.), five, in the ex- pressions pan'cha-in'd-ra, the five senses. pan'cha-per-sa'da, bathing pa- vilion. pan'cna-wer'na, variegated. pan'chaig, a peg, a stake driven in to tie a boat to, a pile. Cf. fjalali. pan'char, m-man'char, to shoot out, spurt out (as liquids, rays of light, etc.). Cf. ptobchur pan'chiig, m-man'chirg (Jav.), to fish with the line ; = Malay kail. pan'choig, the extremity of a garment; to cut off the end of anything, cut off the head. CLprggal. pan'chur, to spurt out horizon- tally or downwards. Cf. panchar. pan' cliu-ran , gutter, water-pipe, eaves' trough. Cf. saluran. pan'chut, to spurt upwards (of liquids). pan'dai (146), skilful, expert, clever; a skilled workman. Cf. bijak. . pan'dai b-si', blacksmith ; usual- ly tukarg bsi. k-pan'dai-an, skill, proficiency, ability. pan dak, see pen-dele* pan'dan, the screw-pine. Cf. bigkuarg. pan'daig, m-man'darg (149), to look, look at, behold, gaze at. Cf. Hhai and tergok. pan'daiy mu'dah, to look down on. p-man-da' rgan , sight, view. pandita, see pndita. pan^eran, see prgeran. panj;gal, se pry gal. panj'ganj, roasted; to roast. Cf. diaiy and jrarg. paig'gil, m-marg'gil, to call, send for, call by name, invite. , a stage, platform.