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<poem> ru'mak parg'gorg, a house built on poles. paig'kal, the basal end of a thing, as the trunk of a tree, the haft of a weapon, etc. parg'kal hi'dorg, the bridge of the nose. parg'kal pa'ha, the hip. parg'ka-lan, landing place. parg'kat, stage, platform, tier; rank, position; see argkat. parg'ku, m-marg'lcu, the lap; to carry on the lap or bosom, or in the arms ; to hold supreme authority, govern in place of another. parg'ku-an, the lap or bosom. marg'ku bu'mi, prime minister. paiglima, see prglima. paig'sa, sections of certain fruits, as oranges, durians, etc. pan'jarg (36, Note), long ; length (both of time and distance). Cf. Ian jut and lama, pan'janf ha'ti, patient, forbear- ing. pan'jarg li'dali, talkative, gar- rulous. pan'jaiy pen'dek. of unequal lengths. s-pan'jarg lia'ri, all day long. s-pan'jarg ja'lan, all the way. pan'jarg-kan, to lengthen, pro- long. pan'jat, m-man'jat, to climb, climb up. Cf. nail; and daki. pan-ji-pan'ji, banner. Cf. tiuy- gul pan'tai, shore, beach, bank (of the sea or of a river) . pan'taig, m-man'targ, -kan, pro- hibited, tabooed ; to prohibit, abstain from. Cf. lararg and tgah. pan'tas, agile, nimble, sin.irL quick. pan'tat, the base, lower or hinder part of a thing; the buttocks, Cf. purggorg and bu-nf.nl. pan'tun, rhyming verses of four lines. Cf. gurinduni JUKI .-- loka. ber-pan'tnn, to improvise 01 re- cite pantuns. pa'pa (Sk.), poor, in want, neces- sitous. Cf. miskttt pa'pan, plank, board. pa'pan cha'tur, chessboai.'l. pa'pan clio'ki, a draughtboard pa'pan lan'tai, floor boards. pa'pan loh' , a slate. mu'ka pa'pan, impudent. ru'mak pa'pan, a house built of planks. pa'ra, shelf. pa'rah, severe (of wounds). pa'rarg, m-ma'rarg, a chopping knife; to cut with such a knife or a sword. Cf. tla-k. i'kan pa'rarg, a very bony fislt shaped like a sword. yu' pa'rarg, the saw-fish. pa'ras, the face, countenance. pa'rau, hoarse. Cf. garnn. pa'ri, the skate and similar fish- pa'rit, a trench, ditch, channel. paroh, see sparoli. pa'roh, beak, bill (of birds). CL pa gut and patok. Parsi, see Farsi. pa-ru-pa'ru, the lungs. pa'rut, a scar. Cf. biltir. pa'rut, to rasp, grate. pa'ru-tan, a rasp: a board ont which coco-nut is grated. pa'sak, a spike, wooden peg.