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<poem> pasal, see /">,,/. pa'sarg, iii-iiuisaiy, to fit to- gether, set. fix, fasten, adjust as in putting up machinery, harnessing horses, setting traps, etc.); to set fire to, light a fire, discharge fire- arms; flood tide. Cf. rakit and susun. jiti'xanj a' pi, to light a fire. jHi'*ai</ b-dil', to fire a shot. j.ii'wuf/ fjon'dah, neap tide. /"/'*/</ j-rat' ' , to set a snare. p-li'ta, to light a lamp. p-noli' , high tide. i-li'ii/a, to listen. pa'sarg, flood tide, a pair. pa'sar (Pers.), market. Cf. pkan. pa'seh (Ar. fasih), eloquent, in speech. Cf. piidh. pa 'sir, sand. Cf. kersek. </<i'la jia'sir, granulated or moist sugar. pa'sok, in its derivative : pn'so-kan, a troop, company or regiment of soldiers. pa'song, the stocks, handcuffs. Cf. blutggu. rn'mali pa'soiy, lock-up, police station. Cf. balai. pasti, see psii. pa'su, earthenware bowl, basin, flower-pot. Cf. margkok and jambarg. pa'tah, in -ma' tali, -kan, to break, break across, snaj) (as long, brittle things). Cf. pcliali and putus. pa' tnli />(>;/' garg, to "break one's back " (carrying heavy burdens, e.g., a child). pa'tah p-raty', to break (of a line of battle). pa'tah sa'yap, to break a wing. pa'tah tu'larg, to break a bone. s-pa'tah ka'ta, one word. pa'teh (Jav.), a title given to prime ministers. pa'tek, slave; I, me (used in ad- dressing a king). Cf. ham- ba. pa'tif, the small Malay adze. pat'lot (D.), lead pencil. pa'tok, iii-niti't(fk, to peck, bite (of birds and snakes). Cf. pag&t. pa'toig, a statue, image. pa't-rum, cartridge = ptniin. pa'tut, right, proper, fit, suitable, adapted; ought (^5). Cf. liarus. pa'tut d'ryan, adapted to. Cf. padan. pa'tut-kan, to adapt, harmonize. pau', a measure of capacity (see end of Grammar). pa'us, i'Tcan pa' us, the whale. pa'ut, ber-pa'nt, to hold fast, pull hard. pa'waig, medicine-man, sorcerer, guide, pilot. pa'ya, marsh, swamp, bog. pa'yah, difficult, heavy, severe (as work or sickness). pa'yar, m-nia'yar, to cruise. pa'yoii:, umbrella. pa'yorg ker'tas, a Chinese um- brella. p'chah, m-m'chah, to break in pieces, fracture, shatter, break up; to break up or disperse (of a body of troops or a crowd). Cf. jmtali and putus.