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<poem> perman, see firman. per-ma'ta (Sk.), precious stone, jewel. Cf. inanikam. b-per-ma'ta, jewelled, set with precious stones. Cf. tatali. per-mi'si (!>.), permission, a permit. per'nah, ever. b-lum' per'nah, never yet, never. ti-a'da per'nah, never. per-na'ma (Sk.), full (of the moon). bu'lan per-na'ma, full moon. persagi, see sgi. per-s-tua' (Sk.), in the phrase, s-lca'li per-x-Ma, it happened, once upon a time. per-ta'ma (:}4) (Sk.), first; also yaig pertama. per-ta'ma-ta'ma, firstly, first of all, in the first place. Cf. mill a. per-wa'ra (Pers.), court ladies. per-wi'ra (Sk.), heroic. pes'ta (Port.), festival. petah, see pitah. pe'tak, compartment, division (in ships, houses or rows of houses) flower beds or simi- lar divisions in nurseries. p-gaig', m-m-ga-rg', to hold, take hold of, grasp, keep, control. = (B.) pegarg. Cf. pant. p-garg' 'a dot, to observe a cus- tom. p-garg' k-mn'di, to steer. p-garg' p-rcn'tah, to hold autho- rity. p-ga'rgan. that which is held or controlled, charge, task, vo- cation, office. p-ga'wai, officer, official. phala, see paliala. pi-a'la (Pers.), drinking cup. Cf. chawan. pi-aig'gaig, a stink bug. pi-a'ra (B.), to take care of, keep (as animals), nurture, bring up (as children) = pliJwra, q.v. pi-a'tu, orphan; also anak piatu. Cf. yatim.

pi'chak = pichek, q.v.

| pi'chek, narrow, confined, limit- ed. Cf. smpit. pi 'chit, m -mi' chit, to pinch, nip. pi'hak, side, quarter, flank, party. pihutaig, see 'hutanj. pi'jak, m-mi'jak, to tread on, stamp on. Cf. injak, irek, and laiyak. pi'jat, a bed-bug; also Tcutu bu- sok. pi'kat, a horse-fly. pi'kat, m-mi'lfat, to catch birds with birdlime. p-mi'kat, a decoy bird; a bird catcher. pikir, see fiJcir. pi'kul, m-mi'kul, to carry on the shoulders or back ; a measure of weight =133 Ibs. pi'Ieh, m-mi'leh, to choose, select, elect. pi'le-han, chosen, elect. pi' lu, moved, affected, troubled, agitated. Cf. rawan. pirn 'pin, m-mim'pin, to hold or lead by the hand, guide, lead. p-mim'pin, a guide. pi'naig, m-mi-Haiy, the betel-nut palm : to ask in marriage, make an offer of marriage.