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<poem> p-iyu', sea-turtle. Cf. katotg. po'-ho' (Chin.), peppermint. po'hon, tree; origin, beginning. po'hon ka'yu, a tree. po'hon, m-mo'lion. -kan, to re- quest, ask for, beg, beseech. nw'hon, ber-mo'hon, to ask leave to go, excuse oneself, take leave. po'kok, plant, tree; origin, source; capital, principal. Cf. modal, po'kok a'rgin. storm cloud. po'lan, (Ar. fulan), so-and-so = nun; also si-polan. po'lis (Eng.), police. po'lonj, a kind of evil spirit, demon. Cf. hantu and jin. pon'dok, hut, small house, shed. Cf. bargsal. poig'kis, an open basket for carrying earth. pontianak, see puntiandk. pon'toh, an armlet. pos' (Eng.), post, mail. pp'tonj, m-mo'torg, to cut, cut off, deduct; to kill animals for food. Cf. krat and sm- bleh. po'torg le'Jiir, to cut the throat. p-rah', m-m-rah', to press or squeeze out (as the juice of fruits, or milk). p-ra'hu, a native vessel, boat. a'nak p-ra'hu, sailor, boatman. na'ik p-ra'hu , to go on board a vessel. p-ram', to keep fruits so that they may ripen after being taken from the tree. p-ran'chah, scaffolding, staging. p-raig', bf.r-p-ranj' , war. battle: to fight, be at war. p-rarg' sa-bil' ', holy war (against unbelievers). i'kat p-rarg' ' , to form a line of battle. ka'pal p-rary', warship. pa'tah p-rarg' and p'chah p- rarg', to break (of a line of battle), break the ranks. p-ra'igai, character, disposition, nature. Cf. jtki-i-ti and tabi'ut. p-rarg'gu (Jav.), a suit (of clothes), set (of dishes, etc.). p-raig'kap, trap. < T. jmt and erkap. p-ran'jat, in its derivative: ter-p-ran'jat, starred. (T. kjut. p-ra'wan, a young girl, virgin. Cf. dara. p-rek'sa, ni-ni-ri>k'xa (Sk.), to examine, investigate, in- quire; inquiry, investigation. Cf. slidek and siasat. Tcu'rarg p-rek'sa, I don't know. p-re'man (Eng.), civilian, free from Government service. p-rem'pu-an, woman : feminine, female (87). Cf. btina. p-rem'pu-an jan'da, a widow. d'nak p-rrni' pit-on, a girl. p-rei^'gan, boundary = perhirg- <l'<in, see hirgga. p-ren'tah, m-m-ren'tah, -kan, order, command, authority ; to command, rule, rule over, govern. d'rgan p-ren'iali, by order. p-yarg' p-ren'inJi, to hold au- thority. /i-in-ren'taJi, governor. p-ri' (Pers.), fairy. p-ri', manner, style, way, con- dition. Cf. hal