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<poem> /,-//" /ml', condition, circum- stances. fi-riknii, to describe, explain. p-ri'gi, a well. i'f.-at p-ri'ui. the masonry with vliicli a well is lined. p-rin*', stinking. priiggi, sir fnnjgi. p-ri'ok, cooking pot (of earthen- ware or metal). Cf. kunli and blaiga. /i-ri'ok a'pi, bombshell. p-ri'sai, a shield. p-ro'sok, tcr-p-ro'sok, to fall through, fall into a hole. p-rot', the abdomen, intestines (stomach, bowels or womb). ji-rot' ko'xHiu, starving, famish- ed. i'xi />-iot', the intestines. p-rum' (Kur.), a sounding lead. Cf. duyn. p-sa', the beam on which the cloth is rolled in weaving. p-sa'ka (Sk.), inheritance, heir- loom; also ptuaka. l>-x<i'kn'i. to inherit. p-san', in-in-san', -kail, -i, order, command, commission ; to command, give an order or commission. Cf. hukuw. ber-p-san', to give orders. ji-xti-'ntui, order, command, commission. p-sa'ra = pasar, q.v. p-sa'vat, a machine, machiner)'. Cf. injin and jntra. p-se'ban (Jav.). hall, p-si-arg', /t-xi-iuy'kan (B.), to |MV|. skin: to beat violently. p-sok', a hole or perforation ( as in clothes or pots and pan- ) : ]unctuivd, perforated. p-sok' kan, to make a Iiole in a thing, puncture. pstaka, see pustdka. ps'ti (Jav.), certain, sure, of course = Malay tntu. p'ta, map, plan, delineation, sketch. p-ta'lin?, a hardwood tree. p-taig', afternoon; also ptaiy hari. p-tas', fire crackers. Cf. mer- chun. p-tek', nt-m-tfk', to pluck (as flowers, fruits, etc.) ; to strike the strings of a harp. p-ti'. (Tarn.), box. Cf. kpok. }>-1i' b-$i', iron safe. p-tir', a peel of thunder. Cf. guroh and kilat. ptra, see putra. p-t-ra'na, a ceremonial seat or throne used by princes. p't-ri, solder. p-t-rum', cartridge. p-tu'a (Ar. fatwa), decision, judgment, advice. pu-a'ka, an evil spirit; haunted, imlucky. pu-a'lam (Tarn.), marble. Cf. murmur. pu'an, a metal tray for betel-nut. pu-as', satisfied, content, sati- ated. Cf. jinn and knnja-ry. pu-as' lean, to satisfy. pu-a'sa (Sk.), fast, fasting. bu'ka pii-n'vi, to cease fasting. hii'Jtiii /,n-ti'sa, the fasting month. bcr-j>n-<i'xii. resting: to fast. pu'chat, pale (of colours and the complexion).