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<poem> ra'wi (Ar.), historian. ra'ya, great; in such phrases asi hn'ri ra'ya, festival. i'ti-itn ra'ya, whale. Cf. pans, ja'lan ra'ya, .high road, main road. ra'yap, m-ra'yap, to crawl, creep (of insects and plants) ; to spread (as a disease). Cf. jalar, rargkak and jarykit r'a'yat (Ar.), subjects, the com- mon people; soldiers of the rank and file. r'ba, felled timber. r-bab' (Ar.), the native violin. Cf. biola. r'bah, to fall (of the human body, trees, etc.) Cf. turn-' banj. r'ban, a fowl-house. r-ba'na, a native drum which is struck with the hand. Cf. r-boig', edible bamboo shoots. r-bot' t m-r-bot', -kan, to snatch, seize, take by violence. r'bus, boiled; to boil. Cf. didcli. r'chek, m-r'chek, sprinkled, spat-

tered; to sprinkle; also p-

r'cJiek or per'chek. Cf. rnjis and siram. r'da, to abate, diminish. r-dop', cloudy, overcast, obscured. re'al (Port.), dollar; usually firggit. re'di, a hammock-litter, used by Chinese women at Malacca. re'dla (Ar.), satisfied, content, willing. Cf. knan and sudi. re'ja, snips or scraps of paper or cloth. re'mah, crumbs, the fragun-iii- of food that remain on tin- table or floor after eating- and are thrown away; as- opposed to sisa, which i> tin- food left over and saved lor others to eat or for a future- occasion. ren'daig, leafy, having thick foliage. Cf. Ibal. re'igan, light (in weight), easy r unimportant, slight (of pain or sickness). bu'at re'rgan, frivolous. re'tyan-l-an, to alleviate, light- en; to make light of. re'igek, in-re'rgek, to tease.. worry. reig'kas, short, abbreviated (es- pecially of narratives). CL / a- ii dek and scrgl-ul. rerg'kas-kan, to abbreviate. r-ganj', stretched tight (as: ropes). Cf. rnianj. r-garg'Tean, to stretch, make tight. ri'a, joy; also xit'kn ri'ii. ri-ai^-ri'aqg;, the cicada. ri'as (B.), ber-ri'as, ri'ax-lcnn, adorned, ornamented ; to- decorate; a corruption of ber-hi'as; see liia-s. ri'ba, m-ri'ba, the lap; to hold on the lap; nurse. Cf.p>'i- k-n. ri'ba' an, the lap. ri'ba (Ar.), usury, interest. ri'bot, a tempest of wind or thunder. ri'bot tu'run, a storm came up. ri'bu, thousand. dii'ii ri'hii. two thousand. x-ri'lni. a thousand. bei'-ii'b it-ri'b u, thousands.