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<poem> i'si ru'mah, family, household. ser'ba ru'mah, furniture. rum'bai, fringe, tassel. rum'bi-a, the sago palm. Cf. sagu. rum' pun, a tuft (of grass), clump (of bamboo). rum'put, grass. runt' /nit k-rirg' , hay. rundir^, see ronden/. run'toh, to fall (of large objects such as houses and moun- tains). Cf. rob oft. run'toli-h-iui , to demolish, pull down (masonry). Cf. rom- bak. ru'pa (Sk.), appearance, shape, form. ru'pa-iya, apparently, it seems, it appears. Cf. na-mpak. s-ru'pa, similar, like. ta 'ru'pa (B.), not capable of. ru-pi'ah, the Dutch florin or guilder; the Indian rupee. ru-pi'ah B -I an' da, guilder. ru-pi'ah Brg-ga'la, rupee. ru'sa, deer, stag. Cf. kijarg and plandok. ru'sok, the side. Cf. lamboig. tit' Jang ru'sok, the ribs. rz'ki (Ar.), nourishment, food. Cf. makaii. s-, an abbreviated form of asa or satu, one, a ; one and the same, the same, similar. When used as a numeral, s- is usually followed by one of a large number of words known as " numeral coeffi- cients " or " classifiers " (83, 84). s'a-kan-a'kan, as if, as it were. s-ba'gai, the same kind, even as, like. s-ba-ik-ba'ik-iya, just as well. s-barg'sa, of the same race. s-ba'iyak, so many, as many, as much. s-ba'pa, having the same father. s-ba'rarg, any, anything. s-ba'targ (84), a, one; num. coeff. of trees and cylindrical objects. s-b-gi-ma'na, as, just as. s-b-lia'gi, a part. s-bi'ji (84), a one; num. coeff. of small objects. s-bi'lah, (84), a, one; num.. coeff. of knives. s-bi'lary, each, every. s-b-lah' or sb'lali, one side, the other side of, beyond. s-b-las', eleven. s-b-lit' (83), one turn or coil. s-b-lum' , before (conj.). s-b-nar'-nja, truly, verily. s-bn'tar, a moment, an instant. s-bn'tok (83), a, one; num. coeff. of rings. s-bo-leh-bo'leh, to the best of one's ability. s-b-ra'pa, as much as, as many as. s-b-sar', as large a>. x-l>u'ah (84), a, one; num.. coeff. of houses, ships. towns r etc. s-bu'lan, a month. s-bit-lat-bu'lat, the whole, all. s-hit'lir (83), a, one; num.. coeff. of small round objects.. s-chu'kop, sufficient. s-dikit, see sdiki!. s'e'kor (84), a, one; num. coeff.. of animals. s-fa'kal, in agreement, in collu- sion. s-g-nap', the whole, all.