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112 MALAY-ENGLISH VOCABULARY. x-lHi-bit-lni'liix, completely, ut- terly. x-ha-ri-ha'ri, daily, every day. x-lui'rux-tya, properly, neces- sarily. s-ltiiff'fja, until, as far as. ~<-/i-l a i' (84), a, one: num coeff. of thin flat objects. x'i'bit s-ba'pa, of the same father and mother. xW tln'ni-a, the whole world. x-jd'lan, the same road. x-ja'uk, as far as. .x-j' maat. a week. x-ju'rnx fa'mn-rya, for a mo- ment. -x-/,y/7t, once; entirely, quite, very (92, 94). x-kn'li (jus 1 , all at once. x-ka'li pun (144), even. it-knia'poiy, of the same village. -x-ka'pur (83), a, one; num. coeff. of quids of betel nut. x-ka'ta, agreeing. s-ka'yn (83), a, one; num. coeff. of rolls of cloth. .x-l,--dnr', in proportion to, to the extent of. x-ki'an, so much, so many. H-ki'm-nja, ]3erchance. -x-k-lip' mata, the twinkling of an eye. x-ko'di, a score, twenty. ..^-k-pirg' (84), a, one; num. coeff. of things cut in blocks or slices. s-k-rat' , a piece, a part. .8-k-ti'ka, a moment. n-ku-rarg-ku'rarg, at least. s-la'gl, as long as, while. ft-lak'sa, ten thousand. s-la'ku i'ni, in this manner, thus. -s-la'lu, always. x-la'nta, as long as, while. s-la-ma-la'ma-rya, forever. s-la'pix (84), a, one; num. coeff. of folds or thicknesses of a thing. s-le'kor. twenty one (in dales).

  • -lnj'kui>, a complete outfit.

x-lu'roli, all, the whole. s-nta'kin, sp much the more. x-iini'l<t>it. last night. x-niii-fii-iiHi'fti, altogether.

  • -ni-u<i'-ni-nn' , in the phrase:

tia'da s-m-na'-m-na', with- out cause . x-ntii'la, as before, over again. s-neg'ri, belong to the same city. s'o-lah-o'lali, as if. ff'o'rarg, a person, someone. .vV/ym/ r/'/.v;// .s'o'mtjr, with one another. s'o'rarg di'ri, alone. so' ran) dua, one or two men. xo'miy 1-po.s' s'o'rarg, one after another. s'o'rarg sa-lm'ja, alone. s'o'rarg s'o'ranj, one at a time. s-pakat, see s-fakat. s-pan'jaiy ha'ri, the whole day. K-pan' ja-ty ja'lan, all the way. s-paroh, see sparoh. s-pa'Miy, a pair. s-/>fi'!fili 1,-n' f <i, one word. s-pa'tut-rya, properly, becom- ingly. s-pin'tu (84), a, one; num. coeff. of houses built in rows. s-p-noh'-p-noh', fully, com- pletely. s-po'toiy, a piece, a slice. s-pu'chok (83), a, one; num. coeff. of letters and firearms. n-pu'loh, ten. s-pu'pu, of the first degree of relationship, as, first cousins.

  • -m'*a, as if.

x-ni'ti, suitable, well adapted. x-m'/Mx, a hundred. x-r<i'ii-nn (83), a. one; num. coeff. of nets.