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sa'leh (Ar.), pious, godly. o'mnj sa'leh, a saint. sa lib (Ar.). a cross. sa'lib-kan, to crucify. sa lin, m-nja'lin, to change one thing for another (as clothes) ; to copy, transcribe, translate. Cf. tiru and ter- jinah. ter-sa'lin, copied, transcribed, translated. bcr-sa'lin, to change one's clothes, bear children. pcr-sa'li-nan, a change of clothes (as a gift from a king). saiiu, see tlialju. xa'lut, 'bcr-sa'lut, envelope, wrap- per ; wrapped, covered, envel- oped. Cf. balut.

sa'Iu-ran, eaves-trough, gutter.

Cf. alur and panchur.

>a'ma (Sk.) (91), the same,

equal, like, resembling; with; the Baba Chinese use sama in place of akan between a transitive verb and the direct object (150). -sa'ma ba'iyak, the same quan- tity. sa'm a b-sar' , the same size. sa'ma d'ryan, the same as. sa'ma ju'ga, just the same. a'ma ma-nu-si'a, fellowmen. sa'ma ra'ta, on the same level. sa-ma-sa'ma and ber-sa-ma-sa' - ma, together. sa'ma sn-di'ri-rya, among them- selves. sa'ma i'rgdh, exactly in the middle. ti-a'da sa'ma-rya, he has no equal. sa'mak, m-nja'malc, to tan lea- ther. sa'man (Eng.), summons; to summon, prosecute. sa'mar, m-nja'mar, to conceal, disguise, change one's form or appearance; also samar- kan din. Cf. jlma. sam'bal, condiments eaten with curry and rice. Cf. hulam. sam'bar, m-n/qm'bar, to pounce on and carry off (as birds of prey), seize; also sembar. Cf. ram pas. sam'bil (139), while, whilst, as, when. sam'boig, m-njam'boty, to join, unite, append. Cf. huborg. sam-bo'iyan, lengthening piece, hyph?n; sequel of a book. sam'bot, m-njam'l>ot, to receive in the hands, receive a guest, welcome. Cf. trima. sa'mon, m-iya'mon, to rob, es- pecially highway robbery : to take by force. Cf. rbot f sambar, ram pas, and rompak. p-rya'mon, a robber. sam'pah, rubbish, refuse, dirt, sam'pai (62 &), to arrive, reach, come to, come: until; suffici- ent. Cf. datarg and hirgga. sam'pai Tc-kaV , for ever. sam'pai 'u'mor, of full age. sam'pai-kan, to convey to, bring about, accomplish, per- form. sam'pai-kan jan'ji, to perform one's promises. sam'pak, a ferrule. sam'pan (Chin.), a small boat. sam'pan ko'tak, the Chinese boat with lockers in the stern. sam'pan pan'jaiy, a long Malay boat carrying mast and sail.