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118 MALAY-ENGLISH VOCABULARY. s-bu', m-jy-bu', to fill up a hole with earth. s-daig' (139, 140), while; where- as, as, inasmuch as ; medium, average, mediocre. s-dap', nice, pleasant to the senses. -CLIazat. s-dar', m-ry-dar' , -lean, aroused, awakened, conscious of, aware of; to arouse, awaken. Cf. baryun and jaga. s-deh', heartache, sorrow of heart, bitter grief. ter-s-deli'-s-deli', bitterly griev- ed. s-der-ha'na (Sk.), medium, average, middlirg. Cf. s- darg. s-di'a (Sk.), ready, prepared; al- ready. Cf. siap. s-di'a-kan, to prepare, make ready. s-di-a-ka'la, former, ancient ; always, continually. Cf. sd- kala. s-di'kit, a little, a few, some; also sikit. s'd-kah' (Ar.), alms, charity. Cf. derma. min'ta s'd-kah' , to beg. s-d-kah'-kan, to give in alms. s-d-ka'la (Sk.), always, continu- ally, usual, usually. Cf. slalu, sntiasa and sdia. s-d-Iiig'gam (Tarn.), vermilion. s-du', ter-s-du' -s-du' , sobbing. sebok, see sibok. sehat, see sihat. sek'sa (Sk.), punishment, ill- treatment, pain, suffering. Cf. srgsara. Tc'na sek'sa, to get punished. sek'sa-kan, to punish,, inflict pain. Cf. hukum. se'la (Port.), a saddle. sem'bar, to pounce on q.v. sem'paig, m-ryem'parg, to de- viate, diverge, branch off; cross roads, a branch road,. a street corner. sen'dok (B.), spoon = sndok. se'iget, leaning, out of the per- pendicular. Cf. cliondrtn'i. mereiy and serorg. seig'kat, short, shortened. < pendek and rergkas. seigseig, see sirgsinj. se'pak, m-rye'pak, to kick to the front with the upper part of the foot, as opposed to #/?- darg, to kick backwards with the sole of the foot, and trci- jary, to kick downwards- with the sole of the foot. se'pak ra'ga, to plav the -Malay game of football. se'rak, scatter, spread out in con- fusion. ser'ba (Sk. sarva, all), utensils. furniture, gear. Cf. n?r- kakas. ser'ba ka'pal, the tackle of a ship. ser'ba ru'mali, household fuz % - niture. ser'ba sa'lah, altogether wrong. ser'ban (Pers.), a turban. serbat, see sherbat. ser'bok, powder. ser'bu, m-ryer'bu, to rush at. spring upon, attack. Ct. terkam. ser'daqj, a tall palm tree. se'ret (Jav.), to trail or drag: along the ground.