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<poem> Ica'sut se'ret, slippers. ser'kap, a hencoop, a basket of the same shape used to catch fish. se'roig, oblique, slanting. Of. tnereng r 8erget and cliondronj. ser'ta, with, together with; (139) when, as. Cf. drgan and sama. ser'ta d'rgan, together with. ser'ta-mer'ta, immediately. b-ser'ta (98), with, accom- panying. ser'ta'i (99), to accompany. ser'ta-kan, to unite. ser'wa (Sk. sarva), all, in the phrase : Tulian serwa sklian 'alam, Lord of the whole universe ; usually mispro- nounced sru. Cf. serba. setan, see shaiian. se'wa, m-rye'wa, rent, hire; to let, hire. se'iva ka'pal, passage money on a ship. se'wa ru'mah, the rent of a house. k-re'ia se'wa, hackney carriage. s-ga'la (Sk.), all; sometimes used merely to indicate the plural number (82). Cf. smoa and sklian. s-gan', reluctant, averse to. p-ry-gan', a sluggard. s-gar', refreshed, revived. s-gi' or sa'gi, in its derivative : per-s-gi'. sided, having sides or faces. am' pat per-s-gi', square. ti'ga per-s-gi' , three sided, tri- angular. sg'ra (Sk.), speed, haste: quick, quickly. Cf. Ikas and ba- rgat. ber-sg'ra, to be quick, make haste. sg'm-kan, to hasten, expedite. shah' (Pers.), emperor, king. sha-ha'dat (Ar.), confession of faith. Jc-li'mah sha-ha'dat, the Mo- hammedan profession of faith. shah-ban'dar, harbour-master. sha'hid (Ar.), a witness, martyr. sha'ir' (Ar.), barley. sha"ir (Ar.), a poem, poetry. shai'tan (Ar.), Satan, the devil; a demon. Cf. iblis. shak' (Ar.), doubt, suspicion, mistrust. Cf. wasaiyka. sha'rat (Ar.), rule, regulation; condition, stipulation ; con- tract, agreement. sha'ri'at (Ar.), law, divine law, statute. shekh' (Ar.), a chief. sher'bat (Ar.), lemonade. shor'ga (Sk.), heaven. Cf. la- n/it, indra and Jcayargan. shu'kor (Ar.), thanksgiving, praise. Cf. kaseh and puji. si, a particle placed before proper names, nouns and adjectives, somewhat in the same way as the word Mr. in English, as in the following phrases: si-A'li, Mr. Ali. si-a'nu, Mr. so and so. si-a'pa? who? ba'raig si-a'pa, whoever. si bory'kok, Mr. hunchback. si pn-chu'ri, Mr. thief. si-a'-si-a', in vain, useless, futile, of no avail. Cf. chuma.