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<poem> si'al, unlucky, inauspicious, ill- omened. Cf. clilaka. si-a man?, the gibbon. si-atg', daylight, day as opposed to night; early, early in the morning.

  • i-ni(]' ha'ri, daylight, day as

opposed to night. si-arg' ma' lam, day and night. si~aiy' -si-arg' , very early. si-ap', ber-si-ap', prepared, made ready ; to be ready or prepar- ed, especially of food, clothes, etc. Cf. sdia. si-ap'kan, to prepare, make ready. si-a'sat (Ar.), punishment, tor- ture ; to investigate, examine. si-a'sat-kan, to torture, make a searching examination. siau' (B.) (Chin.), to digest. si'bok busy, busily engaged (of a number of persons at work) ; also seboTc. si-da-si'da, a title of certain officers at court, a eunuch. si'daig, assembly, society, com- pany; also sidarg jma'dh. Cf. jma'ah and korgsL si'dek, m-ryi'dek, to examine carefully; usually slidek. siet-siet' (B.) (Chin.), false, deceptive, hypocritical. si'fat (Ar.), quality, condition, attribute, character, nature; also pronounced sipat. si'gai, a bamboo with the bran- ches cut to the length of a span to form a ladder. si'hat (Ar.), good health; heal- thy, well. Cf. ryaman and siuman. si-hir' (Ar.), magic; also 'U sihir. Cf. obai. si'kap, figure, posture, attitude. si'kat, a comb, a harrow : a bunch (of bananas). Cf. sisir. si'kat ram'bot, a hair comb. si'kit, a little = sdikii, q.v. si'ku, the elbow: angle. si'la, ber-si'la (158), to sit with the legs crossed under one; to invite a person to sit down ; to invite; also silakan. si'la du'dok, please sit down. si'la ma'sok, please come in. du'dok ber-si'la, to sit cross- legged. per-si'la-kan, to invite. si- la-si 'lah (Ar. silsilah), gene^ alogy. si'lap (Ar. khilaf), a mistake, error, over-sight. si'lap ma'ta, sleight of hand. sim'pai, a circle, ring, hoop. sim'pan, m-ryim'pan (86 c), to keep, preserve, take care of, save. Cf. pliliara and taroh. sim'pol, a knot. slii'.'pol hi'dop, sim'pol pu'leh, running knot, bow. sim'pol ma'ti, a knot that will not slip. ter-sn-ryum' sim'pol, a slight smile. si'nar, m-ryi'nar, a sunbeam, a ray of light; to shine. Cf. chahya. sin'dir, m-njin'dir, to mock, jeer, rail at. Cf. olok. si'iga (Sk.), a lion. siig'gah, to call in at a place, visit, stay temporarily. siig-ga-sa'na (Sk.), throne. Cf. iaklita. sirgit, see serget.