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<poem> siig'kap, m-njiiy'kap, to turn back, draw aside (as a cur- tain). siig'kek (Chin.), a Chinese coo- ly; a recent immigrant. siig'siig, m-ryirg'sirg, to turn up, turn back, tuck up (as the trowsers or the sleeves of a coat). Cf. sirgkap. si'ni, here; also di sini. xti'iin si'ni, ]icre and there, everywhere. de'ri si'ni, from here, hence. si'pai (Pers. sipalii}, a soldier, sepoy. Cf. soldado and Iosh- kar. si pat, sre v //'/. si'put, shell, univalve shellfish. si'pu, icr-si-pu-si'pu, bashful, confused. si ram, m-nji'ram, to sprinkle, water (as flowers). Cf. per- ch ck and rtijis. bcr-si'rain, to bathe (court lan- guage). si'reh, betel-pepper, a creeper, the leaves of which are chew- ed with betel-nut. Cf. pi- naig. xi'reh s-ka'pur, one chew of betel-nut. ina'kan si'reh, to chew betel- nut. si'rip, fin. si'sa (Sk.), remainder, remains of a repast; see re mail. Cf. ~baki. si'sek, the scales of a fish or snake. si'xi'k p-njn', tortoise-shell. si'si, the side; at the side, noar by; usually di si*i. si'sip, m-nji'sip, to insert, slip in, thrust in. Cf. slit. si'sir (Jav.), a comb = Malay Sikat. si'ti (Ar.), a lady, Mrs.; used as a title of ladies of position. si'tu and di si'tu, there. Cf. sana. de'ri si'tu, thence. Ic-si'tu, thither. si'ul, ber-si'ul, to whistle. si-u man, conscious, in posses- sion of one's mental facul- ties, recovered from a faint- ing fit. Cf. sihat. s-jah't-ra (Sk.), peace, tranquil- ity. Cf. sntausa and damai. s-ja'rah (Ar.), genealogy, chro- nicles, annals. s-juk', cold, cool. Cf. dirgin. k'na s-julc', to catch a chill. s-ka'Ii, very; see kali. s-kam', chaff, the husks of padi. Cf. hmpa. s-ka'raig, now. s-ka'ranj i'ni, just now. ma'lam s-ka'rarg, to-night. s-kat', in-nj-kat' f to barricade. s-k-Ii'an all. Cf. sgala and smoa. s-ko'i, millet. s-ko'lah (Port.), school. x-ko'lah a-ga'ma, Sunda} 7 - school (X.). s-k-rup' (Eng.), screw; also pa'- ku s-k-rup'. s-ku'chi (D.), a small sailing boat. s-ku'tu, associate, member of a society.