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<poem> ber-s-ku'tu, to be associated with. per-s-ku'iu-an, association, so- ciety. Cf. jma'ah and konj- si. s-Ia', empty space, space, room. ti-a'da ber-s-la', there was no room. s-la'daig, the wild ox. s-lam', m-ry-lam' , to dive, dive for. s-la'mat (Ar.), health; safety, security; salvation (X.). s-la'mat ja'lan (159), go in peace (the usual Malay salutation). s-la'mat tirq'gal, abide in peace. Ju'ru S-la'mat, Saviour (X.). s-la'mat-kan, to save, preserve from danger. s-Iam'pit, a plait, plaiting. Cf. aryam. s-laig', interval of time or space. Cf. jaraTc and antara. s-lar', m-ry-lar' ' , to brand. s-Ia'sa, lia'ri s-la'sa, Tuesday = thalatha. s-la'sar, verandah. s-Ia'seh (Sk.), basil, mint. s-lat', strait, channel: the town of Singapore. s-la'tan, the South. slbi, see sulbi. s-len'daig, a garment worn over one shoulder by Malay wo- men. s-le'ra, appetite. sleraig, see lerary. s-li'dek, m-ry-li 'del , to examine carefully; also sideJc. Cf. preksa. s-li'gi, a javelin. Cf. tonibak and Imbirg. s-li'mut, a blanket or other bed covering. s-U'mnt-kan, to cover with a cloth. s-lin'dorg, ~bcr-s-lirid.org, to take shelter. s-li'seh, ber-s-U'seh, to differ, be at variance, quarrel. per-s-li' se-han , dispute, quarrel. s-li'sek, m-iy-U'sfik, to hunt for vermin in hair, to preen. s-lit', inserted, slipped or pushed in between two surfaces. s-lok', m-ry-lol-', to insert hand or finger. s-Io'ka (Sk.). verses of poetry, couplets. Cf. pantwi aivT gurindam. s-I-sai', m-ry-l-sai', -kan, to de- cide, settle, adjust. s-1's-tna, catarrh, a cold in the head. s-lu'ar (Ar.), trowsers. Cf. clilana. s-Iu'boig, m-iy-lu'boirj, to cover up. envelop. s-lu'daig, the sheath which covers- the blossom on palms. s-lum'bar, a splinter. s-lu'pat, cuticle, thin membra- nous covering. s-lu'roh, the whole, all (of su- perficial measure). s-lu'roh neq'ri, the whole city or country. s-lu'roli in'Tjoli , all over one'.s^ body. s-mai', in-iy'mai , to sow seed in a nursery, from which the seedlings are afterwards to- be planted out. s-mai' an. a nursery for plants.