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<poem> s-ma'ja, only =saliaja. s-mak', a thicket, underwood, bushes. Cf. blukar. s-mam'bu, Malacca cane. s-maig', aboriginal tribes of the Malay Peninsula. Cf. sakai and bnua. s-ma'rgat, the soul, life, the spirit of life, consciousness. Cf. ryaiva and roll, hi'laty s-nm'rgat, to lose con- sciousness. s-maig'ka, water-melon. s-man-ta'ra, while, during. Cf. antara. s-mat', m-nj-mai' , to stitch, fasten together with rattan or thin pieces of wood or bamboo. s-ma yam, to sit in state (of kings). sm bah, m-iym'bali, to worship, do homage to, make obeis- ance; to speak to a superior. Cf. smbahyarg. sm'bali su'jud, to worship or do homage by prostrating one- self. ber-da'taiy sni'bah, to come and address a superior. Ici'rim sm'bah, to send a mes- sage of submission to a king. su'rat sm'baJi, a letter of sub- mission. per-sm'bah-kan, to make a present to a superior, to make an offering to God. per-sm'ba-han, a present to a superior, an offering or sacri- fice to God. Cf. korban. sm-bah'yan?, worship, religi- ous ceremonies ; to worship : derived from smbali, to wor- ship, and Yarg, God, q.v. a'yer sm-bah'yary, water for re- ligious ablutions. ber-sm-bah'yaiy, to worship. sm'bap, dropsy, dropsical swell- ing. sm'b-leh, m-njm'b-leli, to kilt for food by cutting the throat (usually with reli- gious ceremonies) ; to sacri- fice. Cf. potorg. sm'b-Iit, constipation. sm-bi'lan, nine. (For derived forms see ampat). sm-bi lu, a splinter of bamboo used as a knife. sm'boh, m-rym'boli, -lean, healed, recovered from sickness or wounds; to heal, cure. sm-bo'yan, an alarm signal. sm-bu'iyi, to hide, conceal. Cf. ralisia. ter-sm-bu'ryi, hidden. sm'bur, m-rym'lmr, to squirt out r spirt out. s-mer'bak, to pervade, be dif- fused (of odours). s-mis'ta (Sk.), all, the whole, in the phrase : smista 'alam, the whole universe. s-mn'jak, since. s-mo'a (Sk.), all. Cf. sgala and sklian. sm-pa'dan, boundary. sm'pat, leisure, time or oppor- tunity or ability to do a thing. sm'pit, narrow. Cf. piclicli. sm'poa" (Chin.), abacus. sm-pur'na (Sk.), perfect, com- plete. sm-pur'na-kan, to perfect, com- plete.