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<poem> s-mu', deceit., cheating. s-mut', an ant. s-naig' ( 146 ), ease, contentment ; easy, contented, satisfied, comfortable. Cf. niudah. x-iitoy'kan, to set at rest, set at ease. k-s-na'rgan, ease, complacence, serenity. s-na'paig (D.), a gun, rifle, fire- arms. sn'da, ber-sn'da, a joke, a jest; to jest. Cf. gurau and jnaka. sn-da'wa (Sk.), saltpeter. sn'di (Sk.), the joints or sinews of the human body. sn-di'ri (22-24), self; see diri. sn'dok, spoon = (B.) sendob. Of. sudu. s-igai', to show the teeth. s-iga'ja, on purpose, intention- ally. s-rgal', rheumatism. s'igat, m-ry'rgat, the sting of an insect; to sting. ^ p-iy'iyat, a wasp. s-igau', nasal sounds, speaking through the nose. sig'kaig, bar, cross-bar (of a door). sig-sa'ra (Sk.), suffering, pain, agony, torture. Cf. seksa. stg-sa'ra-kan, to torture. s-ni', fine, thin, slender, thread- like. Cf. halus. snin, see ithnain. sn-ja-ka'la (Sk.), eventide. sn-ja ta, weapons, arms. Cf. al at. ber-sn-ja'ta, armed. sn-iyap', quiet, still, silent. sn-iyum', usually ter-sn-iyum r , smiling; to smile. ter-sn-tyum' sim'pol, smiling quietly. sn'tak, m-njn'ial-, to tug, jerk, snatch away. Cf. rntak. sn-tau'sa (Sk.), security, safety, peace. Cf. sjahtra. sn-ti-a'sa (Sk.), always, con- tinually, incessantly; also snntiasa. Cf. slalu. sn'toh, m-ryritoh, to come in contact with, touch. Cf. ja- mah. s-no'noh, seemly, becoming. so'dok, m-njo'doTc, to scoop up, shovel. )>-)yo'dok, a shovel. sohbat. see sahabat, so'ja (B.), to worship, do ho- mage by a movement of the hands with the palms to- gether (of men only = srnbah of women). so'kotg, a prop, shore. Cf. ka- laiy. sol-da'do (Port.), soldier. Cf. lashkar. som'bon?, proud, arrogant. Cf. chorykak. soig'kok, cap. Cf. Jcopiah and rh /nan. so'pak, a skin disease causing white patches on the hands and feet. so'pan, polite, courteous, respect- ful ; politeness. so'rak, ber-so'rak, shouts of tri- umph or acclamation, war cry; to shout. so're (Jav.), afternoon = Ma 1 ay ptai'j.