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<poem> , m-ryo'rorg, to push along, shove. so'toh (An), house-top, the flat roof of a house. so'toig, cuttlefish. s-pak', m-iy-pak' ' , a slap; to slap. s-pai', sappan wood. s-pa'roh (Jav.), half, one half; a part, a portion, some. Cf. irgah. s-pa'roh ha'bis, half finished. y-lia'roli ma' ii, half dead. s-pat', a small fish. s-pa'tu (Port.), shoe, boot. Cf. kasut. s-pa'ya in order that, so that. s-pa'ya ja'rgan, lest. s-per'ti, like, as, such as, as if. d'rgan s-per'ti-rya, hecomingly, befittingly. s-pit', m-ry-pit' ' , to nip, pinch. ma'kan s-pit' , to eat with chop- sticks = (B.) makan sumpit. s-poh', m-ry-poli' , to temper steel, colour gold by dipping in turmeric. s-pu'i-s-pu'i, light, gentle (of the wind). s-rah', m-ty-rah', -Inn, to hand over, deliver, intrust. s-rah'kan di'ri, to yield, sur- render. s-rai', lemon grass. s-ram'bi, a porch. s-ram', the tremulous feeling produced by cold or fear. s-ram'panf, a large fish-spear. s-raq?', m-nj-rauj' , to attack, as- sail, storm (cities or coun- tries). Cf. larijaar. ', head boatman. s-ra'ni, Eurasian: a corruption: of nasrani, q.v. s-ra'si, suitable, well adapted; see rasi. s-ra'ya, and. s-rek', intimidated by pain. s-ri' (Sk.), splendour, brightness^ magnificence. gi'gi s-ri' , the front teeth. s-ri-ga'la (Sk.), jackal. s-rin'dit, the love-bird. s-ro'ja (Sk.), the lotus. sru, see serwa. s-ru', m-ry-ru' and ber-s-ru', io call out, cry out. s-ru'nai (Pers.), a kind of clarionet, giving a very shrill sound. s-sah', m-ry-sah', to whip, flog (with a whip or rattan). s-sak', tight, pinched, confined^ hard pressed by want. C pichek and smpit. s-sak' da'da, asthma. p-noh' s-sak' , chock-full. s-sal', m-iy-sal' , remorse; to re~ gret, repent. Cf. taitbat. s-sat', m-ry-sat' , astray, in error:, to stray, wander.' err, go- astray. Cf. han/itt. s-sat' ba'rat, altogether astray. s-sat'kan, to cause to err. s-taig'gi, incense. s-ti'a (Sk.), fidelity, loyalty. Cf. bakti. o'bah-kan s-ti'a, to break faith. sum' pali s-ti'a, to swear loyalty. s-ti-a'wan (Sk.), faithful, loyal. s-to'ri (D. and Eng.), a fuss, much ado. ba'iyak s-to'ri, to make a. long tale.