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<poem> .stra, see sutra. s-t-ri'ka (Port.), to iron. s-t-rop' (D.), syrup. .s-t-ru' (Sk.), adversary, personal enemy, as opposed to musoh, the enemy of one's country. ber-s-t-ru', hostile, unfriendly. per-s-t-ru'an, enmity, animo- sity. su'al (Ar.), a question. Cf. tan/a, su'al ja'wab, interpellation, catechism. ber-su'al ja'wab, to catechize.

su-am', lukewarm, tepid.

su-a'mi (Sk.), husband (more respectful than laid}. Cf. istri. ber-su-a'mi, to have a husband, be married (of women). ber-su-a' mi-lean, to marry a husband. su-ap', a mouthful, a bite (of food) ; a bribe. b-ri' su-ap', to give a bribe. ma' Jean su-ap', to receive a bribe. su-ap' lean, to feed by month- fuls. .su-a'ra (Sk.), the voice. su-a'ra yarg nja'rirg, a loud voice. rya'rirg-kan su-a'ra, to raise the voice. ber-su-a' ra, to utter a sound. su-a'sa (Sk.), an alloy of gold and copper. su-a'tu, a, one; also satu and s-. s-su-a'tu, something, anything. s-ga'la s-su-a'tu, everything. ba'rarg s-su-a'tu, whatever. su'ban?, ear ornaments. Cf. an- tirg. sub-ha'na-hu (Ar.), to Him be praise ; usually in the phrase : . I llali subhanahu wa ia'ala, God, to Him be praise, and be He exalted. su'boh (Ar.), dawn; one of the hours of prayer. su'bur, healthy, luxuriant (of plants and sometimes of human beings). su'chi, clean, pure, holy. Cf. chuchi, Tend us and berseJi. su'clii-kan, to clean, cleanse, purify. Tc-su'chi-an, purity. sudagar, see saudagar. su'dah (41, 74-76), done, finish- ed, completed; an auxiliary verb indicating past time (45-48) ; enough, sufficient, that will do. Cf. liabis and jlas. su'dah chu'Jcop, that is enough. su'dah lia'bis, finished. su'dah lii'larg, it is lost. su'dah la'ma, a long time ago. su'dah ma'lam, it is night al- rea1v. su'dah tu'a, it is old. su'dah t'a'da, it is gone or dis- appeared. b-lum' su'dah, not yet finished. la' ma su'dah, a long time ago, finished a long time. su'dah-kan, to terminate, bring to an end. l--su' da-han , end, conclusion. ti-a'da ber-Jc-su' da-han, without end. unending. Cf. putus. sudara, see w.udara. su'di, to be satisfied, agree, be willing. Cf . Jcnan and redla. su'du, a spoon. Cf. sndok. su'gi, ber-su'gi, to brush the teeth.