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<poem> tarn' ball-lean, to add, augment, increase; also tambahi. tam'ba-han, and tam'ba-han pu'la, moreover, in addition. tam'bak, in-nam'bak, to pile up or fill in earth, as in making embankments or filling in swamps. tam'barg, fare, passage money on a ship or boat; to carry passengers. sam'pan tam'barg, a ferry-boat. tarn 'bat, nt-nam'bat, to tie, fas- ten, tie up (as animals and boats). Cf. ikat. tam'bi (Tarn.), a form of ad- dress to Tamils; a messen- ger; a Tamil. tam'bon, fat, fleshy, corpulent. Cf. gmok. tam'pak, to appear, be visible; also nampak. Cf. liliat. ta'nam' pak, invisible, it does not appear, it is not seen. tam'pal, m-nam'pal, a patch, label, something stuck on; to patch, stick on, paste on. Cf. Ikrit. tarn 'par, in-nam'par, to slap, strike with the open hand. Cf. spak. tam'pi, ni-nam')ri, to winnow with the tyiru, q.v. tam'pi I, to go forward, advance, progress. Cf. ma jit. tarn' pi I -hi n, to cause to ad- vance, move forward. tam'pok, the cup or short stalk at the point where fruits are broken off the stem ; the or- namentation on the top of a cap (gotglcole) or on the ends of a pillow. tam-pu'i, a tree with an edible fruit. ta'nah, the ground, soil, land, a country. Cf. bumi. ta'nah a'yer, one's native land. ta'nah Ja'wa, the island of Java. ta'nah ko'sorg, uncultivated land. ta'nah li'at, clay. ta'nah ma'ti, fallow ground. ta'nah M-la'yu, Malaya. ta'nah pa'ya, swampy land. ta'nah ra'ta, level country. hu'jonj ta'nah, peninsula, pro- montory. Cf. tanjorg. mi'iyak ta'nah, mineral oil. trarg' ta'nah, dawn. tu'an ta'nah, landlord. ta'nak, m-na'nak, to boil, cook. Cf. rbus and masak. ju'ru ta'nak, a cook. ta'nak (B.) (Chin.), a carpet. ta'nam, m-na'nam, to plant', bury. ta'nam cha'cliar, to vaccinate. tan 'da, a mark, sign, token. Cf. isharat and 'alamat. tan' da ma'ti, the orthographi- cal sign jazrn; see baris. tan'da ta'rgan, signature. tan'da-kan. to signify, indicate, betoken. per-tan'da, an executioner. tan'dak, ber-tan'dak, to dance. Cf. tari. tan'dan, a bunch of fruit, such as bananas, coco-nuts, grapes, etc. tan'dil (Tarn.), headman of coo- lies. tan'dok, a horn. Cf. chut a. tan'du, m-nan'dii; a litter; to carry in a sedan chair or litter. Cf. usorg.