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<poem> ta'igan, the hand, the arm. Cf. Irgan. t<i' it/an ba'ju, the sleeve of a coat. In'iynn kn'inni, the right hand. ta'iyan sb'lah, one hand. b-kas' ta'rgan, handwriting, signature. Cf. Tcliat. ja'bat ta'iyan, to shake hands. ka'kl ta'iyan, hands and feet. lain'bai-kan ta'iyan, to wave the hands. ma' sole ta'rgan, to interfere. sa'pu ta'iyan, handkerchief. tan' da ta'iyan, signature. to! pak ta'rgan, the palm of the hand. un'jok ta'iyan, to hold out the hand. ta'rga-ni, to handle, lay hands on, arrest. taig'ga, ladder, stairs, steps; nu- meral coefficient of native houses (84). targ'ga batu, stone steps. a'nak targ'ga, a step or rung of a ladder. na'ik targ'ga, to go upstairs. ru'mali targ'ga, home, home- stead. targ'gal, to fall out, fall off (as teeth, branches, etc.). targ'gal-kan, to remove, take off (as clothes). 'goh, m-narg'goh, -Jean, to postpone, adjourn, put off, defer. ber-targ'goh, to delay, wait, temporize.

, m-narg' gory , -kan, to

support, bear, endure, gua- rantee. Cf. tahan and ja- niin. taiy-go'rgan, a burden. m-na'iyis, weeping ; to weep, cry, shed tears. and ta'ii/i-si, to vcep for a person or thing. ta'itji-xtiH, weeping. targ'kai, the stalk or stem of flowers or fruits. Cf. batn-iy. Inty'kni ba'jak, the Jiandle of a plough. taig'kal, charm, amulet. Cf. 'n'.iinat. taig'kap, in-nairfTcap, to seize, catch, capture, arrest. Cf. tawan. taig'kas, agile, nimble. Cf. pant a*. taig'ki (Eng.), a tank. targ'kis, m-nary'kis, to parry, ward off a blow. Cf. helak. tarjf'kul, m-narg'kul, a bag net; to fish with a bag net. 'loig (Chin.), a Chinese lan- tern. Cf. kandil. jong, promontory, point of land, cape. ta'iya, ber-ta'rya, to ask questions.

isk for information, inquire.

Cf. minta, which means to ask for, request (8(5 I), ia'nja-kan and ber-ta'rya-kan, to ask concerning a thing, propound a question. ta'pa (Sk.), ber-ta'pa, penance, asceticism ; to do penance, be an ascetic. jn'r-ta'pa'an, an act of penance. ta'pai, cooked rice or other grain caused to ferment. ta'pak, the palm of the hand, sole of the foot: footprint = hka$ kaki. In'fKik ka'kl, the sole of the foot. hi' fink ta'tyan, the palm of the hand.