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<poem> tapi, see tta/ii. ta'pis, m-na'pis, to strain, filter. tn'/ii-foin, a strainer, a filter. tar' and mi'iyak tar' (Eng.), tar. ta'ra, level, of equal height; equality (of height or rank). x- In' VI. of the same rank. ta'rah, ni-nn'nih, to rough hew timber. ta'rek, m-no'i-ck, to pull, draw, drag. Of. htla and seret. In'fck n' in, a lucifer match, also kort'k apt. ln'fi'h- iiti'fiix. to draw a hivatli. ta'ri, in-tin' ri. to dance. Cf. joget. ta'rikh (Ar.) (16G), date, era, epoch. ta'rikh hi j' rail, the Hegira, the Mohammedan era. ta'rik M-si'Jii, the Christian era. ta'riig, tusk (of rodents and pigs). Cf. gadiiy. ta'roh, in -tin' roll (86 c], to placa, put, put away, keep, lay bv. Cf. bnboh, Itak and siin/jftn. fa' ro/i her' ga, to fix a price. m-na'roh dn'dam, to harbour revenge, bear malice. in-tin' roh i/if/'ki, to bear malice. ber-lfi' roh . to bet. wager. p-ta'roh, a trust, a thing en- trusted to a person. ta'rok, a bud, sprout, young siioot. tar'pal (Eng.), tarpaulin. tas'bih ( Ar.), a rosary. ta'sek, lake, inland sea. Cf. da nan and kola nt. tash'did (Ar.). an orthogra- phical sign which indicate- that the letter over winch it is placed is doubled. ta'tah, to mount, set (as precious stones). Cf. permata. ta'tal, a shaving of wood. ta'targ, m-na'targ, to carry on the palms of the hands. Cf. tadah. tatkala, see ttkala. t'a'tlim (Ar.), respect, honour, reverence. tau'bat ( Ar. ) , repentance, amend- ment of life ; also tobat. -Cf . ssat. b<'r-tan'bat, to repent. tau'chaig (Chin.), a queue. tau 'fan (Ar.), typhoon, storm; also tofan. tau'gek (B.) (Chin.), bean sprouts. tau'ke (Chin.), head of a house or business, employer. tau' Ian, companion, comrade, friend. Cf. handai, kawan and sahabat. tau'rit and tau'rat (Ar.), the. law of Moses, the Old Testa- ment, the Pentateuch. tau'yu (B.) (Chin.), bean oil. tawa, see tertaica. ta'wan, ni-na'wan, -i, to capture,, make prisoner (in war or of robbers). Cf. tatgkap. li'r-ta'iran, captured, made pri- soner. ta'wa-nan, made prisoner, a captive. ta'war, tasteless, insipid, fresh (of water) : an antidote for poisons; to bargain, offer a lower price, beat down the price. ta'irar ha'ii. discouraged.