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<poem> fa' war i'poh, an antidote for the Malay dart poison. a'yer to,' war, fresh water (as opposed to salt). t-poiy' ta'icar, meal used in Malay magic. p-na'war, an antidote, cure or specific for a disease. t-bal', thick, as opposed to nipis, thin. m u'ka t-bal', shameless, brazen- faced. t-baig', m-n-banj ', to cut down trees, fell. Cf. ibas. t-bas', m-n-bas', to cut down un- derwood. Cf. tbarg. t'birg, a high bank of a river. t-bok', m-n-bok', to bore a hole, perforate. t-bu', sugar-cane. Cf. gula. t'bu-an, a hornet. t'bus, m-n'bus, to redeem, buy back, ransom. p-n'bus, Redeemer (X.). t'bu-san, ransom. t-doh', calm, tranquil; sheltered from sun or wind; to abate (of storms). t-doig', the generic name for cobras. te'bar, m-ne'bar, to scatter; to throw a casting net ; see jaia. teh' (Chin.), tea. a'yer teh', tea (the beverage). da"un teli', tea (the prepared leaves). te-ko' (B.) (Chin.), kettle. te-koan' (B.) (Chin.), tea-pot. telek, see tilek. te'lor, lisping, inarticulate speech. Cf. pel at. tern bak, m-nem'bak, to shoot with firearms, fire a gun. Cf. Mil. tem'bok, a wall. Cf. dindirg. ka'ki tem'bok, foundation. Cf. alas. tern 'pan?, lame, limping. Cf. /x'lirhaiy and chapek. tem'po (Port.), time, intermis- sion, respite; in the time of, during the time that. Cf. wakiu. ten?', (Chin.), a Chinese lamp. teig'kah, see tirgkah. ten?'gek, to perch (as birds), squat. te'igok, nt-ne'njok, to look at Cf. lihat and pandarg. ten 'tan?, a native shop window, hinged at the top and bot- tom. te'pok, paralysis of the legs. Cf. lutpoh. ter'baig, to fly. .*/'/. ter'baiy, grapnel. ter'baty-kan, to send flying (of the wind) ; to fly away with (as birds of prey). ter'bit, to arise, come up, spring up. Cf. naik. nni-ta-lia'ri ter'bit, the sun rises. ter'j-mah' (Ar.), to translate; a Iso ter'j-mak'kan. ter'jun, in-ner'jun, to plunge down, leap down. ter'jun-kan, to cast down, drop a thing down. a'i/er ter'jun, waterfall. ter'kam, to attack violently, rush at, spring at (as wild animals).