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<poem> t-lan', tti-n-lan', to swallow. t-lan'jaig, naked, nude; also hcr-t-laii'jarg. t-lan'ju (B.), while. t-lan jur, in the phrase: ka'la su'dali t-lan' jur, "the murder is out." Cf. anjur, i-li'iga, the ear; the handle of a cup. Cf. kupiiy. da" un t-U'rga, the external ear. lo'bary t-U'rga, the orifice of the ear. pa'saig t-li'rya, to listen. t'l-kan, ber-t'l-kan, to lean on (a stick or other support). t'lok, bay, gulf. f'lok ran'tau, the sea-board, the coast of a country. t-lor', egg. t-lor' a' yam, a fowl's egg. t-lor' a'sin, preserved eggs. t-lor' i'kan. spawn, fish-roe. ku'lit t-lor', eggshell. me' rah t-lor 1 ' , the yoke of an egg- pn'teh t-lor', the white of an egg. bcr-t-lor', to lay an egg. t-lun'jok and ja'ri t-lun'jok, the forefinger. Cf. tunjolc. t-lut', ber-t-lut', to kneel, kneel down. Cf. lutut. t-m'a' (Ar.), covetousness, ava- rice; to covet. Cf. loba. t man, companion, comrade. Cf. taulan and kawan. 1' man -katt, to accompany. tm-ba'ga (Sk.), brass, copper. tm-ba'ga ku'nirg, brass. Ini-ba'f/a inc'rah, copper. . tn-ba'ga su-a'sa, an alloy of copper and gold. tm-ba'kau (Port.), tobacco. tm-be'kar, potsherds, broken crockery. tm-be'raig, the shrouds. tm'b-laig, addled (of eggs). tm-bo'lok, the crop of a bird. tm'bus, perforated, pierced. Cf. psok. tm-bu'su, a timber tree. t-mig'goqg, a high office in a Malay State. tin 'pa, m-nm'pa, to forge. tm'pat (135), place, locality; space, room. Ini'/xit dn'irat, inkstand. tin' pat du'dok, seat, chair. I in' pat k-di-a'man, place of abode. tm'pat man'di, bathroom. tm'pat si'reh, betel-nut tray. tm'pat ti'dor, bed. b-ri' tm'pat, to make room. tm-pa'yan, a large earthenware jar, larger than a buyorg. tm'pek, a loud cry. tm'pek so'rak, loud cries, usual- ly of soldiers fighting. tm-pe'lei, a box on the ear. tm-pi'as, driven rain, spray, tm-pi'nis, a timber tree. tm'p-lak, m-nm p-lale, to con- vince of a fault, reproach. Cf. tyui: tm'poh, m-nm'poh, to strike against, dash against, as- sault, storm (as waves strik- ing anything, or an army attacking). tm-pu'a, the weaver bird. tm-pu'ron?, a piece of coco-nut shell ; hence, the skull.