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<poem> readies of the same river. t-ru'si, sulphuric acid, sulphate of copper. t-tak', iit'ii-tak', -kan, to chop, I lack, give a cutting blow with a knife or sword. Cf. para iff. t- tarn 'pan, a cloth or kerchief worn on the left shoulder at ceremonies. t-tap', firm, steady, fixed, set- tled (in mind or in a place), permanent. Cf. tgoh. t-tap'kan, to strengthen, con- firm, settle. -ta'pi, but, nevertheless; also tapi. t-tas', to break open from within (as an egg when the chicken is hatched). tt-ka la (Sk.), when, at the time when. lu'a, old (of age or of manufac- tured articles) ; deep (of co- lours). IK'CI ti'ii'ila, old and young. me' rail tu'a, deep red. >/ ni i;/ tu'a, old people; parents. tu'ah, good fortune, prosperity. Cf. untoiy. ber-tu'ah, fortunate, lucky. tu'ai, m-nu'ai, to reap, cut padi with a small knife called pn Hal. Cf. ktaiii. tu'ak, the fermented juice of the coconut palm. tu-a'la (Port.), towel. tu-a'larg, a swarm of bees. tu'am, hot fomentation. tu'an, master, owner; Mr., sir; you (6). in' fin b-sar', the head of a firm, senior in office. tu'an-ham'ba, sir (in writings). tit! an k-chil', junior in office. tu' an ru'mali, landlord of a house. iu' on ta'nah, landlord. tu'an-kii, my lord (used in ad- dressing princes). yarg di-per-tu'an, his majesty. bcr-tu' on-lean, to serve a person, take a person as one's master. tu-aig', m-nu-arg', to pour, pour out. Cf. cliurah. tu'ba, a plant the root of which is used to stupify fish in a river in order to catch them. tu'bir, a pit, hollow, deep place iii the sea. tu'boh, the body. Cf. badan. b-kas' tu'boh, that which has touched the body, clothes presented as a token of affec- tion. ber-p-lok' tu'boh, to fold the arms. tu'doh, m-nu'doli, to accuse, bring a charge against. Cf. d'awa. tu'do-han, accusation. tu'doig, m-nu'dorg, to cover with a cloth, veil or other object. Cf. tuiop and slimut. tn'doiy k-pa'la, head-covering. tu'doig mu'l'tt, veil. tu'dorg sa'ji, dish cover. . tu'do-ryan, a lid or cover. tu'gal, a dibble. Tu'han, God, the Lord. Cf. Allah. k-tii'Jia-nan, divinity. tu'joh, seven. (For derived forms see am pat). tu'ju, iu-nii'ju (149), to aim, aim at, go in the direction of.