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A. D. anno domini, in the year of our Lord.
adj. adjective.
adv. adverb.
Ar. Arabic.
B. Baba Malay.
Cf. compare.
Chin. Chinese.
conj. conjunction.
cor. corruption.
D. Dutch.
e.g. for example.
Eng. English.
Eur. European.
fig. figuratively.
Gr. Greek.
Hind. Hindustani.
impers. impersonal.
intrans. intransitive.
Jav. Javanese.
lit. literally.
N. North.
Neth. Netherlands.
num. coeff. numeral coefficient.
Pers. Persian.
Port. Portuguese.
prep. preposition.
q. v. which see.
Sk. Sanskrit.
Tam. Tamil.
trans. transitive.
X. used only in Christian literature or among native Christians.
= equals.
(20) paragraph 20 of the "Practical Malay Grammar."