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<poem> u-ta'ra (Sk.), the North. u-tar-u tar, a small round shield. u'tas, a coil, skein ; numerical co- efficient of necklaces, etc. u'tas, an artisan, mechanic. ut'tau (B.) (Chin.), a flat iron, ironing box. Cf. strika. n't us, m-rgu'tus, to send an em- bassy. u'tu-san, ambassador, envoy. w wa'fat (Ar.), dead; usually mail. wah' (132), an exclamation of astonishment or disgust. wa'hi (Ar.), revelation, vision; also wahyu. wa'jah (Ar.), face. wa'jib (Ar.), necessary, indis- pensable, obligatory. Cf. usah. vva'kaf (Ar.), endowment, be- quest (for religious pur- poses) . wa'kil (Ar.), agent, representa- tive, manager, attorney. wak'tu (Ar.), time, period; at the time when, while. Cf. tempo. U'ma walc'tu, the five stated hours of prayer, namely, su- boh, dloha, asar, maghrib and 'islia. wa'lau (Ar.), even if, although. wa'li (Ar.), governor. ', money; in the native cur- rency 1 wary = 10 duit. warg' 'mas', gold money. wary' ker'tas, paper money, notes. ' iu'nai, ready money. c:ish. bu-arg' warg', to waste money. bu'rga warg', interest of money. cha'ri warg', to earn money. wa'igi (Jav.), sweet smelling, fragrant. Cf. harom. war^'kan;, a Chinese junk. wap, see uap. wa'rin (Eng.), a warrant for arrest. wa'rith and wa'ris (Ar.), heir, inheritor. wa-saig'ka (Sk.), doubts, un- certainty, anxiety, perplexity. wa'seh, piles, hemorrhoids; also bawasir. va si-at (Ar.), will, testament; also surat wasiat. was'was (Ar.), evil suggestion, temptation. wa'yaig, a theatrical perform- ance. ma' in wa'yarg, to act in a theatre. ru'niak wa'yary, a theatre. wa'zir (Ar.), vizier, prime mi- nister. Cf. mntri. wer'na (Sk.), colour, wer'ta (Sk.), news, information, report. Cf. brita and Icha- bar. wer'ta-Tcan, to report, inform of. Wolanda, see Blanda. wrirgin = brirgin, q.v. ya' (59), yes; oh (132) (chiefly used in addressing the deity and superiors).