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ya'a'ni (Ar.), that is to say, that is. Cf. ia'itu.

Ya-hu'di (Ar.), Jew, Jewish; also Jahudi and Jaudi.

ya'kin (Ar.), certainty, conviction, earnestness, eagerness, zeal.

ya'kut (Pers.), jacinths, rubies, and some other precious stones.

yam-tu'an, a corruption of yang di-pertuan; see yang.

yang' (Jav.), God; found as a derivative in the words:

ka-ya'ngan, the heaven of Hindu mythology. Cf. shorya and indra.

sm-bah'yang, worship; see sm-bahyang.

yang' (20, 21) (136, 137), who, what, which; (34) used to form the ordinal numbers; and (92, 93) the superlative degree of adjectives.

yang' di-per-tu'an, his majesty.

yang' ma'ha mu-li'a, his highness, his excellency.

ya'tim (Ar.), orphaned; orphan: also anak yatim. Cf. piatu.

yaum' (Ar.). day.

yo-gi'a (Sk.), in the phrase: s-yo-gi'a-nya, it is seemly.

yu'ran, subscription, collection.


za'bur(Ar.), the book of Psalms, also Jcitab zabur. Cf. mazmur.

zai'tun (Ar.), the olive.

za'kat (Ar.), the Mohammedan poor rate.

za'man (Ar.), time, epoch, age; also z-man and jman. Of. Tcala, masa and waktu.

za'man ber-za'man, for successive generations.

za'man d-hu'lu, in olden times.

za'man s-ka'rang, the present time.

a'khir za'man, the last time, the end of the ages.

zam'rud (Pers.), an emerald.

zat' (Ar. dhat), substance, essence.

zat' Al'lah, the divine essence or nature.

zi'na, ber-zi'na. adultery, for- nication; to commit adultery.

zi'rah (Pers.), and ba'ju zi'rah coat of mail.

zm'rud (Pers.), an emerald.

zu'fa (Ar.), hyssop.