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Malay-English Vocabulary.
a'bad (Ar.), that which has no end, an eternal future; see azal.
a-bah-a'bah (Jav.), harness.
a' ban?, elder brother.
a'ban-ta'ra (Sk.), herald; see bntara.
a'bok, see habol:
a'bu, ashes.
a'chaig, messenger, envoy.
a'chap, plunged deeply into water, or (a weapon) into the body.
a'char (Pers.), pickles.
a'cheh, a kind of leech; Acheen.
a'chi (Eng.), axle.
a'chu, m-rga'clm, to threaten, brandish, feint, pretend.
a'chu-an, mould, matrix, plan, model.
a'chum, nt-ti/a'cJium, to stir up hatred, irritate.
a'da (45, 50-54), to exist, be, be present, take place.
ada-kan, to bring into exis- tence, cause, make, invent, produce.
k' a' da' an, existence, condition, characteristics.
a'da-tya, a word used to empha- size the close of a sentence.
a' da-pun (133), a punctuation word.
a'dab (Ar.), politeness, courtesy.
a'daig, m-rga'daiy, to lie in wait for, lie in ambush.
a'das ma'nis, aniseed.
a'das p-das' , cummin.
a'dat (Ar.), custom, habit.
ku'rarg 'adai, uncouth, rude.
a'dek, younger brother or sister.
a'dek ber-a'dek, to be brothers and sisters.
'a'dil (Ar.), just, fair.
k'a'di-lan, justice.
a-din'da, younger brother or sister (polite form of ad(k).
a'di-pa'ti (Sk.), a Javanese title.
a'di-ra'ja, di-ra'ja (Sk.)i, a Ma'lay title.
a'do-hi', alas.
a'don, m-rga'don, to knead, maVb dough.
a'du, ber-a'du, to sleep (court language).
per-a'dn-an (124), bed, bed- room, sleeping place (court language).
a'du, m-rga'du, -tan, to cause a fight, a contest or a dispute, make a complaint.
prrj-a'du-an (124), complaint, accusation.
'a'fi-at (Ar.), good health.
a'fi-un (Ar.), opium; also apian.
a'gak, to guess, conjecture, esti- mate. Cf. gamak.
a-ga'ma (Sk.), a religion. Also pronounced igama and 11 gam a.