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a-ga'ma Is' lam, the Moham- medan religion.
a'gar, in order that, so that.
a'tjar ja'igan, lest.
a-gar-a'gar, a seaweed and the jelly made therefrom.
a'gas, sandfly.
a Sn (Jav.), great, in certain phrases, as: ti'arg a'goirj, mainmast.
a had (Ar., first), Sunday ; usual- ly ha'ri aliad; see hart.
a'hal, ah'lu (Ar.), people.
ali'lu 'n-nu'jum, astrologers.
ah'li (Ar.), familiar with, accus- tomed to.
ah'mak (Ar.), foolish, stupid.
ah'wal, or ih'wal (Ar.), plural of hal, q.v.
aib (Ar.), disgrace, shame; disgraceful, despicable.
r a"ib-kan, to despise.
Ai-ro'pa, Europe; also Iropah. a-ja"ib (Ar.), wonder, marvel; wonderful, marvelous.
a'jak, m-rga'jak, to persuade, in- cite, invite, urge a person to accompany one= (B.) ajat.
a'jal (Ar.), destiny, term of life.
a'jar, m-tya'jar, -kan, -4, to teach, chastise, preach (X.).
b-la'jar (98), to learn.
p-la'ja-ran (124)), lesson, the thing taught.
p-rga'jar (121), a teacher, preacher (X.).
p-rga'ja-ran (124), instruction, doctrine.
a'ji, m-rga'ji (103), to read, learn to read, especially the Koran.
a'jok, m-rga'jok, to mimic, ridi- cule.
'a'kal (Ar.), understanding, in- telligence, reason; the mind.
'a'kal bu'di, intelligence.
ber'a'kal (114), intelligent, in- tellectual, sensible.
a'kan (45, 148, 150), to, for, in order to, shall, will.
ta'a'kan, will not, it cannot be that.
a'ka-nim' (Ar.), persons of the Trinity (X.); plural of iiknum.
a'kar, root, a generic term for climbing plants. See also banir, jargkar, tunjarg.
akh'bar (Ar. plural of khabar), news, a newspaper.
a'khir (Ar.), the end, the last; last, final.
a'khir-rya, the end of it, at last.
a'khi-rat (Ar.), the future life, eternity. dun' in a'khi-rat, in this world and the next, for all time.
ak-sa'ra (Sk.), a letter (of the alphabet). See huruf.
a'ku (6, 7), I, me.
m-rga'ku, -i (103), to confess, avow, guarantee, undertake to do a thing.
p-tya'ku-an, confession, creed (X.).
a-la-baig'ka (Port.), crowbar.
a'lah, to lose in a conflict, suffer defeat; also kalah (B.).
a'lah-kan, to defeat, subdue.
'a-la'i-hi' (Ar.), unto him.
'a' lam (Ar.), the universe, the world.
'a'lam bar-zakh', Hades, the abode of departed spirits.