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"a-la'mat (Ar.), sign, token, mark, emblem, symbol, ad- dress of a letter.
a I a rj>;, transverse, across.
a-lu'njan, bar, sand bank at the mouth of a river. pa'laty, cross bar, transverse beam. Of. malarg.
a'larg, usually a-larg-a'larg, k-pa'- lanj or a'laig k-pdlarg, in- significant, of slight extent or degree, of no account.
a'larg-kah, is it a small thing? an emphatic interrogation,
as a'laig-kah ba'ik, would it not be good?
a'lap, -in-nja'lap, to gather fruit 1> cutting with a knife on the end of a pole. Cf. 70- lole.
a'las (164), that which is placed under anything, lining, foundation.
a'his-knn, to line, put some- thing under.
a'lat, apparatus, instruments, equipment, weapons. Cf. perl-okas.
a leh, ber-a'leh, to change one's position, move (intrans.).
n'leh-kan, to remove, shift.
a-li-a'li, a sling. Cf. Isirg. li-hah (Ar.), gods; plural of ilali.
"a'lim (Ar.), learned, scholarly, well informed.
a'lir, m-tga'Ur, to flow (as water).
al-ke sah (Ar.) (133), punctuation word.
Al-ku'dus (Ar.), the holy.
Roh' Al-ku'dus, the Holy Ghost.
Al'lah (Ar.), God.
al-ma'ri (Port.), an almeirah, wardrobe.
Al-ma'seh (Ar.), ilie Messiah, Christ.
al'pa (Sk.), neglect. Also 1'pa.
al'pa-kan, to neglect.
a'lu, m-rga'lu-kan and m-tya-lu- rga'-lu-kan, to go to meet or receive a person.
a'lu (Jav.), a pestle for husking rice ; usually antan.
a'lun, large waves, a swell; see ombak and g1oinba.rg.
a-lun-a'lun (Jav.), courtyard, open space before a house. Usually Jilaman.
a'lur, a channel, groove, water- course.
a lu-ran, canal, ditch.
al'wat (Ar.), aloes-wood; usual- ly gharu.
a'mah, a Chinese nurse.
'a'mal (Ar.), deed, action; good works, meritorious action.
a'man (Ar.), peace, security.
a - m a ' n a t ( Ar. ) , trustworthy ; fidelity, trust, trustee. Some- times pronounced umanat.
a-ma'nat-kan, to entrust.
a'maig, m-rga' nravg , to threaten. Cf. ugot and gertak.
a-ma'rah, anger; see marah.
a-mas', gold; see 'mas.
a'mat, very.
m-iiga-ntat-a'ma-ti, to give special attention to, watch very closely.
am 'bang;, the upper and lower beams of a door frame. Cf. jnary.
'am 'bar (Ar. 'anbar], amber.