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am'bil, m-rgam'bil (55), to tak'e, fetch.
ant'bil a'rgin = nia'kan a'rgin, to go for an airing or plea- sure excursion. m-iy am'bil lia'ti o'rarg, to gain people's affections.
am'bin, a scarf or band for se- curing burdens carried on the back.
am-ho'i. oh! exclamation of as- tonishment.
am'bol, m-rgam'bol, to rebound. Cf. anjal.
am-boig-am'bong:, a plant, the pith of which is used for lamp wicks.
ambun, see 'mbun.
a'min (Ar.), amen; true, faith- ful.
a'mir (Ar.), chief, commander.
a'mok, m-rga'mok, a frenzied as- sault; to attack furiously, " run amuck."
am'pat, or 'm'-pat (29-35), four
am' pat b-las' ', fourteen. . am'pat per-s-gi' or am'pat per- sa'gi, square.
am'pat pu'loh, forty. k' am' pat, all four. s-per-am'pat, a quarter. yarg k' am' pat, the fourth.
am'pu, m-rgam'-pu, to hold in the hands, govern, rule over, support, sustain.
am'pun, m-rgam'-pun, -kan, -i, pardon, forgiveness: to for- give, pardon. k'a in' pit-nan, forgiveness.
am-pu n/a, to possess, own. pu'rya (12, 14. 15, 21), the pos- sessive particle. iinn-)in-iija"i, to possess, own.'
a-nai-a'nai, the white ant; see smut put fli.
a'nak, child, the smaller part of a thing, the young of animal?- and plants.
a'nak A' dam, children of Adam, the human ran-.
a-nak-a'na-kan, a doll.
a'nak arg'kat, adopted child.
a'nak a' yam, chicken.
a'nak a'yer, a small stream.
a'nak hi'ni, family.
a'nak boty'su, youngest child.
a'nak Wall, the dependants of a Malay chief.
a'nak chu'chu, descendants.
a'nak dam, virgin.
a'nak da'yorg, oarsman, rower.
a'nak km'bar, twins.
a'nak kun'cln, key.
a'nak la-ki-la'ki, boy.
a'nak li'dali, the uvula.
a'nak mu'rid, a pupil.
a'nak neg'ri, native of a coun- try.
a'nak pa'nah, arrow.
a'nak pi-a'tu, orphan.
a'nak p-ra'hu, boatmen, sailors.
a'nak p-rem'pu-an, girl.
a'nak ra'ja, prince.
a'nak ro da, spokes of a wheel.
a'nak sati-da'ra, nephew, niece 1 -
a'nak su'lorg, first-born.
a'nak su'rgai, tributary stream.
a'nak targ'ga, steps of a ladder.
a'nak tin, step-child.
a'nak turf gal, only child.
a'nak ya'tim, an orphan. ber
-a'nak, to have children, bear- children.
ber-a'nak-kan (117), to bring forth, to beget.
per-a'na-kan, native, native- born.
ka'nak-ka'nak, infant.