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a-nak-n'da, a-nan'da,, child, (po- lite form of an a/i).
a-nam or 'nam', six. For derived forms see ampai.
ananas, see nanas.
an'bi-a (Ar.), prophets; plural of nabi.
an'chak. a plate or basket of ham boo in which offerings to tbe spirits are placed = (B.) lancJiak. . Jin-tun' iin'rliak, to put out offerings. -in dam. in-Kjan'darn (Pers.), to dress arrange (hair) ; fringe.
an 'dan?, torch of dry coco-nut leaves.
an-de'ka (Jav.), you, pronoun >f tbe 2nd person, used in addressing superiors.
aneka, see anika.
a-rgan-a'igan, thoughts, medi- tations, unsatisfied desires.
a-tgan-a'ipan lia'ti, conscience (X.).
anj'gal, light, buoyant, high in tbe water (of a ship).
aig'gok, m-tgatg'yok, to nod or bow the head.
aig'gor, the grape vine.
anj-go'ta (Sk.), a member, limb, )>art of the body. ^n^'grek, orchid.
a'igin, wind. <in i 'hi I ii ' > i/in, see ambit. rJia'kap a'tyin, empty talk. di a'ia* a'igin, windward, west- tern lands, <l ba'icah a'njin, leeward, Ma- layan lands. jna'kan a'tyin, see ambit. HHi'la a'i</in, the points of the compass. jw'l-ok a'njin, a storm cloud.
a'njin-kan, to dry in the air.
aig'ka (Sk.), a figure, arithmeti- cal symbol.
arcj'ka du'a, the figure two, sign of reduplication.
aig-ka'ra (Sk.), perverse, vio- lent.
aig-ka'sa (Sk.), the sky, the heavens.
arg'kat, m-iyaiy'l-at, -kan (55, ), to lift up, raise. lU'/'kat a'nal', to adopt a chilch
a'nak aig'kat, adopted child. ber-aty'kat, to depart.
aiy'ka-tan, expedition, fleet of ships, caravan. maiy'kat, to die (court lan- guage). parg'katj stage, platform, tierj rank, position.
aig'kau or 'ng'kau (6, 8, 10), thou, tbee, you.
aig'kop, tweezers, small pincers.
aig'kut, m-iyaiy'kut, to fetch and carry, carry piece by piece.
aig'sa (Sk.), goose.
an-ia'ya (Sk.), tyranny; see anyaya.
a-ni'ka (Sk.), of various sorts, all kinds of; also aneka.
an'jal, nt-if/an'jal, to resist pene- tration, resist or throw back a weapon, cause to rebound. Cf.
an'jing, dog.
an'jong, a raised hall or veran- dah, cabins in the poop of a si lip. iii-ii/an'joty ta-yaiy-la'yaiy, to tlirow a kite up in the air.
an'jur, m-ryan'jur, to project, stand out, precede.