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p-irjan'jur, one who precedes, a guide.
an'sur, ber-an'sur, to progress. ber-an'sur-an'sur, gradual ly.
an'tan, pestle of a mortar.
an-ta'ra (Sk.), between, anumg;
an interval of time or space. p-rgan-ta'ra, a go-between, me- diator (X.). s-man-ta'ra, while, whilst, dar- ing.
an-te'ro (Port.), the whole, all, entire.
an-tinj-an tin<, ear-drops.
an 't- las or at'las (Ar.), satin.
an'tok, m-rgan'tok (103), to doze, sleep.
an'tok, ber-an'tok, to collide, strike against. ba'tu ter-an'tok. stumbling block (X.).
a'nu, a certain (person or place). si-a'nu, Mr. so-and-so.
a-nu'g-rah (Sk.), favour, grace, the gift of superior to an in- ferior. Sometimes nugralia.
a-nu'g-rah-kan (149), to give (to inferiors), bestow a fa- vour.
a'n/am, m-iya'iyam, to plait, in- terlace (as basket work). Cf. slampet.
an-ya'ya (Sk.), tyranny, perse- cution, oppression.
an-ya'ya-kan, to persecute, op- press, injure.
a'n/ut, drifting; see haryut.
a'pa (18, 19), what?
a-pa-a'pa, whatever.
a-pa-bi'la, when.
a'pa fa' sal, why?
a'pa gu'na, wliat i> the use?
a-pa-ka-'ld, when.
a'pa-lah, prithee, if you |>li';i.-<-,
a'pa ma' chain (19). what kind! of?
a'pa s-bab' , why?
ba-rarg-a'pa, whatever.
ti-dak a'pa, it is nothing, never mind.
b-b-ra'pa, some, several : how- ever much (144).
b-ra'pa, how much, how many.. however much or many (in- definite number).
s-b-ra'fia, as many as. as ninda as.
b-ta'pa, how? why?
k-iia'pa, why?
nt->ya'pa, why?
si-a'pa (18, 19), who?
ba'raty si-a'pa, whoever.
p-rga' pa-lean, to do something: to a jjerson.
a'pam (Tarn.), a thin cake made- with flour.
a'pi, fire.
a-pi-a'pi, the generic name for several kinds of trees. ba'ra a'pi, embers. bu'rga a'pi, sparks, fireworks. gu'notg a'pi, volcano. lea' pal a'pi, steamship. ka'ifu a'pi, firewood. k-re'ta a'pi, locomotive engine,. railway. p-ri'ok a'pi, bomb. di-ma'kan a'pi, consumed by fire.
a'pil (Eng.), appeal.
a'pit, m-vga'pit, to press, nip^ squeeze. ber-a'pit, close together, in pairs. p-rga'pit, a pinch of anything; (as snuff).