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a' pi-Ian, a press for printing, or for extracting the juice of sugar-cane, etc.
a'pi-un, opium; see afiun.
a'poig, driftwood; to drift.
a'ra, trees of the genus fig. 'A'rab (Ar.), Arabic, Arabian.
a'rah, towards, in the direction of.
a'rak (Ar.), spirituous liquors, arrack.
a'rak, ler-a'rak, to march in pro- cession. per-a'ra-kan, state carriage, processional car, procession.
a'raig, charcoal.
a'raig ba'tu, coal.
a'ratg di mu'ka, disgrace. b-narg' a'rarg, chalk line. ka'yu a'raiy, ebony. 'a' rash (Ar.), throne (of God); also 'arsli.
a'rif (Ar.), intelligent, well-in- formed, cultured.
ar'ki-an (133), then, thereupon. Also arakian.
a'ror^, m-iya'roiy, to wade, fofd
a river, cross a sea or strait. *arsh' (Ar.), throne (of God).
ar'ta (Sk.), property; see lierta.
ar'ti or er'ti (Sk.), meaning, signification.
ar'ti-iya, that is to say. m-iyer'ti (103), to understand, comprehend. m-ryer'ti-kan, to explain, give the meaning. p-rger'ti-an, understanding, in- tellect, intelligence, sense.
a'rus, current, tide; see haru*.
ar'wah (Ar. plural of roh), the spirits of the dead, feasts in honour of the dead.
a-sa' or sa f , one; see satu. da'lani s-pu'loh a-sa', one in ten, a tithe.
a'sa-kan, to unite, make one.
a'sa (Sk.), hope. Also see asal. pu'tus a'sa, hopeless.
a'sah, m-rga'sah, to grind, whet, sharpen. Cf. kilir. ba'tu a'sah, whetstone.
a'sak, m-rga'sak, to fill tightly (as a bag), ram in, press (as in a crowd).
a'sal (Ar.), origin.
a'sal-u'sul, descent, origin, gen- ealogy.
a'sal, if, provided that ; also a'sal- kan, and sometimes asa.
a'sal ja'rgan, lest.
a'sam, acid, sour; also masam. li'mau a'sam, the lime fruit.
a'sap, smoke. 'a'shik (Ar.), in love, enamour- ed; love, passion.
a'sin (adj.), salt, saline; also masin.
a'sin?, separate, apart, distinct, foreign, private. o'rarg a'sirg, a stranger. neg'ri a'sirg, a foreign country.
a'sirg-kan, to separate, set apart.
a'soh, m-rga'soh, to nurse, take care of children. p-iya'soli, a nurse.
a'su, dog, in the expression gi'gi
a'su, canine teeth.
a'sut, m-rga'sui, to incite, stir up, instigate: (B.) vsut, q.v.
a'su-tan, instigate.
a'tap, thatch, usually of palm leaves : hence any roof cover- ins 1 .