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a' tap gn'tirg, a tile roof.
a'tas, on (27), above, over, against (150). cli a'tas a'tgin, windward, west- ern lands.
a'tau (Sk. ataiva), or.
a tla-mat (Ar.), greatness, pow- er; great, mighty.
at' las (Ar.), satin.
a'tur, m-nja'tur, -kan, to arrange, put in order.
a' iu-ran (125), arrangement.
a'um, m-rga'um, roar (as a tiger).
a'ur, several kinds of large bam- boos.
a'wak, thou, you.
aVal (Ar.), first; commence- ment, beginning.
a'wan, cloud.
a Vat (Penang), why.
a'yah, father. Usually bapa.
a' yali-n' da-, father (polite form).
a'yak, m-rga'ya'k, to sift.
a'ya-kan, a sieve.
a'yam, a generic name for fowls.
a' yam b-lan'da, a turkey.
a'yam hu'tan, jungle fowl.
a' ya in i'telc, poultry.
a'yam jan'tan, cock.
a'yam km-bi'ri, a capon.
a'yam mu-ti-a'ra, guinea fowl.
a'yam sa'borg, a fighting cock.
a'nak a'yam, chicken.
aom-ba'la a'yam, one who tends poultry. layer bu'lu a'yam, latteen sail.
a ya-pan, food, eatables (court language).
a'yat (Ar.), verse of the Koran, or of the Bible (X.).
a'yer, water, liquid, juice.
a'yer aiy'gor, wine.
a'yer a'pi, strong acids.
a'yer ball' , a flood, inundation.
a'yer b-ku', a'yer ba'tu, ice.
a'yer di'deli, whey.
a'yer gu'la, molasses, sirup.
a'yer kan'ji, gruel, rice water.
a'yer k-ras', spirituous liquors.
a'yer ma'du, honey.
a'yer man'di, bathing water.
a'yer 'mas' , gilding.
a'yer ma'ta, tears.
a'yer ma' war, rose water.
a'yer mi'num, drinking water.
a'yer mu'ka, complexion, ex- pression of the face.
a'yer pa'saiy, flood tide.
a'yer sm-bali'yarg, water for religious ablutions.
a'yer su-rut' , ebb tide.
a'yer ta'war, fresh water.
a'yer teh', tea.
a'yer ter'jun, waterfall.
bn-anj' a'yer, to ease oneself; see buarg.
ma'ta a'yer, spring.
ta'nali a'yer, one's native land.
a'yun, ber-a'yun, to swing, rock, oscillate.
a'yu-nan, a rocking cradle, swing.
a'zal (Ar.), that which had no beginning, an eternal past. Cf. abad. 'a'zi-mat (Ar.), charm, spell,
amulet. Also targkal.

bab (Ar.), chapter.
baba, foreigners born in Malaya, especially Chinese.
babi, pig.
babi hutan, wild pig.