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ban, odour, smell, fragrance.
ban busok, a bad smell.
ber-ban , having a smell, odorous.
ban-bauan (130), incense, perfumes.
batir, mixed, confused, in disorder. cliampur baur, in confusion.
bawa, mm-baiva (55), to convey, carry, take, bring.
baica diri, to take oneself off.
bawa iman, to embrace the faith, become a Mohammedan.
baica jalan, to lead the way.
bawa lari, to run away with.
baica masok, to take in, introduce.
bawa mulut, to talk scandal, gossip.
bawa pergi, to take away.
bawah, below, under. deri bawah, from below. . di bawali, below. di bawali angin, leeward, Malayan lands. k-bawah, to the lower side. f, onon.
bayam, spinach.
bayan, a kind of parroquet.
bayan?, shadow, image.
bayar, inin-bai/ar, to pay.
bayar riiat, to pay a vow.
baya-ran, a payment.
b-hal , ignorant, stupid. Cf. bodoh.
b-han. burden, load.
b-bat, to wrap round, bind round with cloth, etc. Cf. balnt and band.
b-b-rapa, some, a certain quantity; however much (144) ; see a pa.
b-dak, a cosmetic made of rice flour, toilet powder.
b-daki, to powder.
b-dal, to beat violently with a stick; to eat to excess. Cf. gasak.
b-d-bah (Pers.), ill-omened, accursed, wretched.
b-diT, firearms. obat b-dil, gunpowder.
b-dong;, kain b-donj , swaddling clothes. Cf. larnpin.
bea, cowrie shells; taxes, customs.
bebas, free, having liberty. Cf. merdheka.
bebas-kan, to set free, liberate. k-beba-san, liberty, freedom.
becha (Chin.), jinrikisha.
bechak, puddle, muddy or swampy place.
beda or beza (Sk.), difference, distinction. .
beda-kan, to distinguish, discriminate.
behkan, see bahkan.
bela, human sacrifice, suttee; vengeance. tun tut bela, to seek vengeance.
belek, mm-belek, to look closely.
belok, to luff, tack (in sailing).
be lot, treachery; to be a traitor. pm-belot, a traitor.
beigkaig, see bengkok.
beigkok, crooked, bent.
bengkang bengkok., zig-zag.
beigonf or biigoig, confused (of the mind), disconcerted,, stupid.
benteig, fort, stockade. Cf. k idnt.