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berak, to ease oneself; see buang ayer.
beranda, see branda.
beraig, furious, wild with rage.
ber-hala, an idol. nimah ber-hala, a heathen temple.
beriigin, see bringin.
berkas, a faggot, a bundle of things tied together. toerkat (Ar.), blessing, benediction, good influence.
bcr-kati, to bless. Tierkek, snipe.
Berma (Sk.), the Hindu god
Brahma; also brahma.
berman (Sk.), a brahmin; also brahman.
ber-naqg:, to swim; see rnang. T>er-ni-aga, to trade; see bniaga.
berok, see brok. >er-oleh, to possess, own; see oleh. T>erseh, clean. Cf. suchi.
berseli-kan, to clean.
bersin, sneezing; to sneeze.
besan, ber-besan, related by marriage of their children.
besok, to-morrow; see esolc. -beta (Hind.), slave, servant. Used as a pronoun of the 1st person by royalty. T>-gi-mana (144), how, in what way? ib-ginda (Sk.), a title given to kings and princes, and used as a pronoun of the 2nd or rd person. "b-gini, thus, so, like this.
b-gi tu, thus, so, like that.
b-hagi, mm-b-liagi, -kan (149), a division, share, part; to share, divide.
b-hagi-an, a share.
b-ha-gia (Sk.), good fortune,
blessing ; blessed, happy; also berbhagia.
b-hana (Sk.), sound of voices, noise.
b-hara (Sk.), a measure of weight. to lab b-hara, ballast.
b-haru (161), new, recent; newly, lately, just, then and not till then.
b-hasa (Sk.), language, good manners, politeness.
bitdi b-hasa, tact and politeness. jalan b-hasa, idiom. juru b-hasa, interpreter. kuraty b-hasa, impolite.
bhatra, see bahtra.
b-hawa (138) (Sk.), a punctuation word, generally introducing a quotation. Also baliwa.
b-haya (Sk.), danger; see bahi/a.
bi-adab (Pers.), rude, disrespectful.
biak, prolific, fertile.
biar, -kan, to allow, permit; sometimes used almost in the sense of although (let it be), as, biar lambat pun jadi juga, though it be a long time it will do.
bi-ar-biar, intestinal worms.
bi-asa (Sk.), accustomed, experienced, intimate, usual.
bi-asa-lcan diri, to accustom oneself, practise.