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bin tartf, star; also a decoration.
bintang ber-asap, comet.
bintaig ber-ekor, comet.
bintang ber-idar, planet.
bintang p-tang or bintang barat, Venus as an evening star.
bintang timor or bintang babi, Venus as a morning star.
bin-taigor, the name of a tree; see bntangor.
binti (Ar.), daughter of.
bio (B.) (Chin.), temple.
bi-ola (Port.), violin.
biras, brother-in-law or sisterin-law.
bi-ri-biri (Hind.), sheep. Cf. domba and kambing.
biru, blue. haru biru, confusion, disorder.
bisa, poison; poisonous, painful.
bisa (Jav.), able, capable, can.
bisek, ber-bisek, to whisper.
bisiig, chattering, or any unpleasant noise of that kind.
Bisnu (Sk.), the Hindu god Vishnu.
bisu, dumb. Cf. klu.
bisul, a boil, abcess. Cf. jravat and bar ah.
b-kal , supplies for a journey, especially food, provisions.
b-kas, mark or impression left by any body or action ; vessel in which anything is contained.
b-kas lea ki, footprint.
b-kas taigan, handwriting, signature.
b-kas tuboh, that which has touched the body, clothes presented as a token of affection.
b-ku, congealed, coagulated, frozen. aijtr b-ku , ice. Cf. ayer bain.
b-la" (Ar.), affliction, calamity. misfortune; also ba-la".
b-la, mm-b-la, to nurture, .-upport, bring up children. < L plihara.
b-lachan, a composition of dried fish and prawns used to seasou curries.
b-lachu, unbleached calico.
b-lah, mm-b-lah, to split, cleave, divide, cut in two lengthwise. s-b-lah or sblah, one side of that which is divided, hence one side of anything. sblalt kanan, the right side. sblah kiri, the left side. sblah mata, one eye. sblah sini, this side. Often = the other side. ;i.-: sblah gnnoig, the other side of the mountain. sblah in-tyblah or k-dua &lah , both sides. sblah-kan, to lay aside, separate.
b-la jar, to learn; see ajar.
b-laka, altogether. entirely. quite.
b-lakan?, the back, the posterior: behind, hereafter, afterwards.
b-laka-ngi and b-lakang-kau, to turn ones back on.
b-lalai, the trunk of an elephant, the proboscis of insects.
b-lalaig, grasshoppers, locii.-t.and crickets.
B-landa, Dutch; a corruption of Hollander; also wolanda