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b-lang, piebald, variegated; spotted, striped.
b-la nga, an earthenware pot used for cooking.
b-lanja, expenses, cost of anything, allowance to meet expenses, hence salary.
b-hinja-kan, to expend.
b-lan-tara, wild, waste places, as : liulun h-lan-tara, the jungle. rimba b-lan-tara, the wilds of the forest.
b-Ias (30). a word which fonn.s the numerals from eleven to nineteen, similar to the English "teen."
b-las, pity, sympatrn;, compassion.
b-ld*kan, to arouse sympathy or to have pity on.
b-lat, network of rattans laced together, used with fishing stakes: hence fishing stakes or fish traps.
b-latok, woodpecker.
b-layer, to sail; see layer.
b-lerang, brimstone, sulphur.
b-letir, to babble, chatter; see Mir.
b-li, to buy, purchase. jnnl })-}{, to trade, buy and sell. /iin-h-li, that which buys, the pru-e or the buvei.
b-li an, a timber tree.
b-li kat, the shoulder blade.
b-Iion?, the lange Malay axe. Of. l-a/>ak and palil. nnjin puiing b-lionj, waterspout. ;b-lit, a coil, a turn; a necklace or a bandage; to encircle (as a snake).
b-ludu (Port.), velvet; also pronounced baldu.
b-Iukar, underwood, jungle cut down and grown up again, scrub. Of. hutan and rimba.
b-Iulang, untanned or raw hides; callus, callosity of the skin.
b-lum (72), not yet: this word sometimes has onlv the force of a simple negative.
b-lum kahwin, unmarried.
b-ltini lagi, not _yet.
b-l>nn masak, unripe or insufficiently cooked.
b-lum per nali, never yet. s-b-lum, before (conj.).
b-Iunjgu, fetters, shackles.
b-lut, eel.
b-nam, ter-b-nam , sunken, depressed, partly buried.
b-naig, thread.
b-nairj araig, chalk line.
b-nar, true, right, just, good. *-b-nar->ya, truly, verily.
b-narkan, to confirm, autholise, approve, justify. li-b-na ran , accuracy, truth, verification, righteousness.
b-nara, a washerman ; usually dobi.
b-nasa, ruin; see binasa.
b-na tang, animal; see binatanj.
bn-chana (Sk.), trouble, injury, harm.
bnchi, miH-bnchi, to hate.
bnda, a thing, an article or object, especially valuables. In 1 )la bnilii, property, especially household property. ntata bnda, jewellery.