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bn-da-hara (Sk.), the title of the highest official in a Malay State, originally meaning treasurer. per-bn-da-haraan, treasury.
bn-da-hari (Sk.), treasury officers.
bndang. fields (either irrigated or dry). Cf. hiima, lada-ng and saii-ali.
bn-dera (Port.), flag. ti-ang bn-dera, flagstaff.
bndul, the beams on which the walls of a native house rest.
bndul piritu, threshold.
b-neh, seed, grain.
Big-gala, Bengal.
Bng-gali, a Bengalee.
b-igis, cruel; cruelty.
bigkak, a swelling; swollen.
big.karoig, a kind of lizard.
bigku-aig, the screw-pine, from the leaves of which kajangs are made, see kajang; also mtykuang.
bni or bani (Ar.), sons.
bni Israel, the children of J Israel.
bn-iaga (Sk.), trade, commerce; to trade: also mniaga and berniaga.
bntaitf, mm-bnfarc/, to spread out, lay out (as a mat or cloth). Cf. ham par.
bn-taigor, the name of several timber trees.
bntar, in its derivative: s-bntar, a moment, an instant.
bn-tara (Sk.), herald, an officer of court.
bntok, curved; numeral coefficient of rings, fishhooks,, etc.
b-nua, a lange region or country,. continent. oraig b-nua, aborigines.
bochor, leaky. nt n lut bochor, tell-tale, blab..
bodoh, foolish, stupid. Cf. bbal. k-bodo-han, stupidity.
boek (B.) (Chin.), stocking.
bohoig, false, untrue; a lie or falsehood. Cf. dusta. pm-bohong, a liar.
bokor, a metal basin.
bola (Port.), a ball, billiards,. football.
boleh, able, can, may, could.. might. See oleh.
bolu (Port.), sponge cake; also buah hulu.
bom (Eng. and D.). a boonu the pole or shafts of a carriage.
bomba (Port.), pump, fire-engine, syringe.
bomo or bomor, a native doctor. Cf. dukun and doktor..
bon da, mother (polite style) : a contraction from i-bu-nda.
bonskar, mm-bongkar, to pull 1 up (as an anchor).
boigkar saiih, to weigh anchor..
boigkok, hunchbacked, bent (as-an old man).
boigsu, youngest child, la>l born ; also anak bongsu.
bopeqf, pockmarked.
bor (D.). auger, drill.
borong;, wliolesale, outright, en masse.