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bumi (Sk.), the earth, the ground.
bundar, round; a ring or circle drawn with a pen.
bunga, flower; also ornamental designs.
bunga a pi, sparks, fireworks.
burya chngJceh, cloves.
bunga Tcarang, sponge; also lumut karang.
bunga pala, mace.
bunga wang, interest on money.
buigar, in the phrase:
buali bunga-ran, first-fruits.
buigkus, a parcel, bundle.
bungkus-lcan, to wrap up.
bunoh, mm-bunoli, to kill, murder. pm-bunoli, murderer. per-buno-Jian (124), place of execution. pm-buno-han (124), murder.
buntiig, pregnant. Cf. hamil.
bun tut, the posterior, the buttocks, the end, the tail, the last. Cf. pantat and punggong
bungi, sound, noise.
buryi surat, the contents of a letter.
ber-buryi, to sound, make a noise.
bn-nji-bunji-an, music.
bu ri-tan, stern of a ship.
burok (163), rotten, worn out, decayed, bad (of vegetable substances and manufactured articles). Cf. liaus.
buroig, bird.
burong liantu, owl.
buroty onta, ostrich.
buru, mm-buru, to hunt, chase. pm-buru, hunter. liantu pm-buru, " the spectre huntsman."
burut, hernia, rupture.
busar, a bow, an arc of a circle, an instrument for cleaning raw cotton. Cf. pariah,
busok (163), putrid, rotten, d&r composed, bad smelling, foul.
ban busok, a bad smelL nama busolf, a bad reputation.
busut, ant-hill.
buta, blind.
buia-tuli, blind and deaf, hence used of doing things blindly or recklessly.
buta (Sk.), an evil spirit, de>mon; also bota.
butaig (Eng.), button.
butir, a grain, small particle; numeral coefficient of gems (83, 84).
buyoig, a water jar, smaller than tmpayan, q. v.

Ch cha'bai (Sk.), the chili, capsi- cum; also lada China. cha'baig, main branch of a tree, bifurcation ; forked. Cf . dalwn and chararg. cha'bok (Pers.), a whip. cha'bol, licentious ; outrageous behaviour. cha'bot, mn-cha'bot (146), to puli out, pull up, uproot, ex- tract, draw a weapon (cf. Inn us)', in Perak chabot means also the royalty on tin. Cf. bantun. cha'chak, to thrust into the ground (as a pole).