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<poem> chd'ra (Sk.), opposition, defect; against. the* = tndta', q.v. che'bok, a piece of coco-nut shell, used for ladling water. Cf. gayorg. checher, see chichir. che'dok, mn-clie'dok, to ladle. cheh', pshav ; exclamation of dis- gust or scorn. cherg'si (B.) (Chin.), kitchen spoon. che'pir, a metal tray or saucer. cher'cha, mn-cker'clia, to abuse, insult. Cf. mal'i. cher'dek, cunning, shrewd, clev- er, sharp. che'rek, a kettle. cheret, see cliirit. cherewet, see chrewet. cherita, see clirita. cher'mat, careful, frugal, econo- mical. cher'min, mirror, looking glass, pane of glass. Cf. leaclia. cher'min ma'ta, spectacles. cher'min mu'ka, looking glass. cher'p-lai (Tarn.), mongoose. cher'pu (Tarn.), sandals. Cf. tram pah. cher't-ra, cher't-ra-kan (Sk. cha- ritra), a narrative, tale; to narrate; also clitra and ch- rita. che'tek, shallow. Cf. toltor. chi'chak, the common house lizard. Cf. tkel: chi'chir, to spill, drop out in small quantities, dribble. Cf. clinch or. chi'chit, great-grandchild. chi-ke'weh (B.) (Chin.), family, chim'che n (B.) (Chin.), the op;-n court in a Chinese house. Chi'na, China, Chinese. la' da Chi'na, the chili, red pep- per. chin'charg, to chop up, mince. chin'chin, a ring. chin'chu (Chin.), a supercargo. chin'ta (Sk.), sadness, solicitude,, heartache, love. ber-c.hin'ta-kan, to mourn for. per-clnn'ia'an, mourning, sor- rowing. chi'rit, diarrhoea; usually buarg- buarg ai/er. chi'rit da' rah, dysentery. chi'rit lin'targ, meteor. chi'ta (Sk.), feelings, sensation-. emotions. du-ka-chi'ia, sorrow. su-l-ci-chi'ta, joy. chi'ta (Hind.), print, printed calico, chintz. chi'tak, to print: usually chap. chi-um', mn-chi-um', to smelU kiss. ch-kar' (Hind.), haixl over (of a helm or rudder). ch-kek', to throttle, strangle. chkeweh, see chikcweh. ch-ki' (Chin.). Chinese card:*. ch-kra-wa'la (Sk.), the firma- ment. ch-la', mn-ch-la' . -knn. defect,, fault, flaw; to blame, cen- sure. Cf. chachat. ch-lah', crack, crevice, fissure. ch-la'ka, misfortune, calamity,, unlucky; an imprecation.