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<poem> ch-la'na, trowsers: usually sluar. ch-lek', open (of the eyes). ch-lek' kan ma'ta, to open the eyes. ch-lop', mn-cli-lop' , to dip into, soak, steep, dye. ch-lor', to scald, immerse in hot water or oil. ch-lor' a'yam, to dip a fowl in hot water before plucking it. ch-mar', dirty. Cf. kotor and najis. chm'bul, a small box. chm-bu'ru, jealousy. c/i >n-btt'ru-an, jealous. ch-mer'laig, glittering. chm-pa'ka (Sk.). a tree with sweet-scented flowers. chm'p-dak, a fruit similar to the jack-fruit, but smaller. ch'm-.ti (Tarn.), a whip. Cf. chabok. chncharg, see chin chary. chn-chu'rut, the musk rat. chn-da'na (Sk.), sandalwood. chn-da'wan, mushroom, fungus. ch-rgan?' and ier-ch-rgarg' , amaz- ed, astonished. chig-ka'dok, grasshopper. chi^'keh, the clove tree. bu'irja chrg'keh, cloves. chrg'kon?, sunken (of the eyes). chig'k-ram, earnest money. chig'k-rek, a ciicket. cho'ba, mn-cho'ba, to try, at- tempt; also used in giving orders in the same way ;i> the English word " plea- (157). cho'ba i, to tempt. pji-cho'ba'aH, temptation. cho'ki or chu'ki, the Malay game of draughts; also dam, q.v. cho'kin (Chin.), bathing cloth.. Cf. basahan. chok'mar, a battle axe or club. chom'paig, in the phrase: choni pa rg-ch a mpiry, ragged. chon'd-roig and chon'dongt- slanting, out of the perpen- dicular. Cf. meriig, serget and serorg. chon'dorg ma-ia-lia'ri, when the sun is low. chotg'kak, pride; proud. Cf- somborg. chorg'kak, cowrie shells; also a game played with shells on a board containing 18 holes. choig'po (Chin.), a cook. chon'toh, pattern, sample. chon'teig, to smear, daub. cho'rak, the colour or pattern of a print or sarorg. cho'reig, streaked, striped, stain- ed. cho'ron?, a pipe, lamp chimney. ch-pat', quick, quickly. Cf. ba- rgat, clras, Ikas, laju. ch-pi'au (Port.), a hat, cap. Cf. to/>i and soiykok. ch-rai', ber-clt-rai' (149), to part from, separate from. ch -ra i'-b-ra i', scattered. ber-ch-rai' d'igan bi'ni, di- vorced. ch-rai'kan, to separate, detach. ch-re'wet, importunate. ch-ri'ta (Sk.), a tale, story. Cf. chertra. ch-rok', corner of a room, hidden place.