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<poem> dc'ri-lidi' , al)out, concerning. 'If'ri In'ar, from outside. df/ii ma'na, whence? dc'ri-jM'da, from (of persons), on account of (150), owing to (140), than (89, 90); li.i'ik ilr'i i-pa'da or I'bch ba'ik dc'ri-pa'da, better than. </// xa'na, thence. df' n x-hab' , on account of. de'ri si'tii, thence. der'ji (Hind.), Indian tailor. der'ma (Sk.), almsgiving, alms; usually sdkah. der-ma'wan (Sk.), charitable, beneficent. de'sa (Sk.), a district, territory, country. de'wa and de-wa'ta (Sk.), the gods of Hindu mythology. de'wan (Pers.), hall of justice, law court. de-wa'sa (Sk.), time, period; usually zman or iasa. de'wi (Sk.), goddess; fern, of de'wa. d-gil', obstinate. d-ha'ga, thirst. bcr-d-ha'ga, thirsty. d-ham', a slight cough, made to attract attention or to clear the throat. ber-d-ham', to cough as de- scribed above. dhat' or zat (Ar.), substance, essence. zat' Al'lali or dha-tu TJah, the divine essence or nature. dho'bi, washerman; see dobi; also bnara. d-hu'lu, previous, former; be- fore (adv.] ; see hulu. d-lni'la kn'la, formerly, in olden times. - d-h u'hi de'ri-pa'da, before (prep.}. n < in' ti d -/in 'I it, wait a moment. sa'bar d-hu'lu, please be patient. z'ntan d-hu'lu, olden times. d-lm'hi-i, to precede, go before. d-hu'lu-kan, to prefer, put first. di- (105), a particle prefixed to verbs to form the passive. di (26, 27), at, in. di'a (6, 9, 13, 15), he, she, it, they, him, her, them ; also to. di'a o'rarg, they (colloquial, not found in Malay writings). di'a pn'tya, his, hers, theirs. di-am', ber-di-am' f silent, quiet; to be silent, be quiet, dwell, live. Cf. titqgal and dudoTc. di-am -di-a m' , quietly, secretly. ber-di-am' di'ri,to keep silence. di-a' mi, to inhabit. di-am' lean, to silence, put to silence; to permit. Tf-di-a'man, habitation, dwell- ing place. di'an, a candle. Cf. Ulin. ka'Tci di'an, a candlestick. di'ai^, mn-di'arg, to toast, warm at an open fire. Cf. parrj- garff. ljci--di'anj and ber-di'arg di'ri, to warm oneself at a fire. di'dal (Port), thimble; also tidal di'deh, mn-di'deh, to boil, bubble. a'yer di'deh, the water in which rice has been boiled = (B.) ai/er am. di'kar, mn-di'l-ar, to fence (with I.-ris or sword) ; also dekar. di kau, thee, phonetic form of aiylcau, chiefly used after words ending in n.