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<poem> d'ryan s'o'rarg di'ri, alone. d'rgan ti-a'da, witliout. ber-ch-rai' d'ryan, to separate from. ser'ta d'rgan, together with. d rgar, m-n'rgar, (102f), to hear, listen. d'rgar-kan, to listen to. k-d'tya-ran, it was heard (im- pers.). p-n'rga-ran, the sense of hear- ing. drg ki, envy, malice. m-na'roh dry'ki, to bear malice. drg'kur, ber-dry'kur, to snore. d-igorg', ber-d-rgorg' ' , to buzz, hum. d'rgu or du'rgu, stupid, dull-wit- ted ; usually bodoli. do"a (Ar.), prayer. ba'clia do" a, to read or repeat prayers. min'ta do" a, to pray. ber-do"a, to pray. do"a-kan, to pray for. do'bi (Hind, dhobi). a waslier- man, Cf. bnara. do'dol, a kind of sweetmeats. dok'tor (Eur.), a doctor, one who practises western medi- cine. Cf. bomo and dukun. dorn'ba (Pers.), a sheep. Cf. kambiiy and biri-biri. a'nak- dom'ba, a lamb. a'nah dom'ba Al'lali, the Lamb of God (X.). do'sa (Sk.)-, a crime, an offence; sin. ber-do'sa, to commit an offence, be guilty of a crime or sin; sinfiil. dosin, see dusin. d'pa, a fathom. - d-pan', in front of; see liadap. d-ras', rapid, swift. Cf. laju^. pantas, Ikas and bargat. d-ri'ta, mn-d-ri'ta (Sk.), to with- stand, bear, endure. Cf_ talian. ti-a'da ter-d-ri'ta, unendurable^ unbearable. d-ru', mn-d-rii' , to roar (as the- noise of waves or voices). d-rum', mn-d-rum', to kneel (of elephants and camels). d-rum'kan, to cause to kneel. ds'tar (Pers.), turban, head- cloth. du'a, two. (For the usual de- rived forms see ampat). Cf.. pasary and ganda. du-a-du'a, both. du'a ka'li, twice. du'a la' pis, double (as cloth). du'a-ti'ga, two or three. ber-du'a and ber-du-a-du'a, in~ pairs. du'a-kan, to make two. pn-du'a, second, duplicate. du'dok, to sit down, sit, remain,. dwell. du'dok ber-si'la, to sit with legs crossed like a tailor. du'dok d'ryan, to be married to.. si'la du'dok, please be seated. du'do-ki, to sit on, inhabit. du'dok-kan, to seat (a person). k-dii'do-kan, seat, place of" abode. du'ga, mn-du'ya, to find out the depth, sound, probe, fathom. ba'tu du'ga, sounding lead. Cf. prnrn. 'ta'li du'ga, lead-line. du'it (D.), a copper coin; in Singapore = J cent, in Pe- naig = 1 cent.