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<poem> du'ka (Sk.), grief, sorrow, sad- ness; also du-ka-chi'ta. ber-du'ka and ber-du-ka-chi'ta, to be sad, grieve. du korg, inn-du'koiy, to carry a person or a child, usually on the back or hip, sometimes in the arms. du'ku, the name of a fruit. du'kun, a native doctor, midwife. Cf. dokior, bidan and bomo. du larg, a salver or tray, usually of wood; smaller than the talam. dulapan, see dlapan. du'li (Sk.), dust; a form of ad- dress to kings, as du'li b-gin'- da, du'li yaig di-per-tu'an, your or his majesty; see jun- dun'ia (Ar.), the inhabited world. Iter'ta dun'ia, worldly goods. i'si dun'ia, the inhabitants of the earth. naf'su dun'ia, worldly lusts. per-i' da-ran dun'ia, a cycle, pe- riod of time. dun'ia a'khi-rat, in this world and the next, for all time. du'igu, stupid; see drgu. du'pa (Sk.), incense. Cf. starggi. du'ri, a thorn, spine. du'ri Ian' dale, porcupines' quills. Cf. bulu landak. ber-du'ri, thorny. du'ri-an, the name of a fruit. the durian. du'sin (Eng. and D.), dozen; also lusin. dus'ta (Sk.), false, mendacious, untrue; (B.) jus'ta. sak'si dus'ta, a false witu du'sun, a village; the country as opposed to the town. eh'wal, see lineal. e'ja, to spellĀ ; see lieja. e'jek, m-iye'jelc, to tease. * ekh'las (Ar.), sincerity; sincere; also ikhlas. ek-Ii si-a (Gr.), the church, the church universal (X.). Cf. perhimponan and (jreja. e'kor (84), tail; numerical coef- ficient of animals. c'kor ma'ta, the corner of the eye. bin'taiy ber-c'Jcor, comet. e'la (Port), an ell, a yard. e'lak, m-rge'lak, to dodge, avoid a blow, evade an order. 'elmu, see 'ilmu. e'lok, beautiful, handsome, pleas- ant, excellent. k'e'lo-kan, beauty, excellence. e'nak (Jav.), pleasant, nice, agreeable to the senses; usually sdap. eiggan, see 'ig-gan. erg's il (D.), hinges. e'rei^;, lateral, on the side. e're-njan rumali, the side of a house. bi'lek e're-trjan, a side room. E-ro'pah, Europe; also Airopah. erti, see arti. e'rut, twisted, crooked. e'sok, to-morrow; also besok. k'c'so-kan lia'ri-rya, the next day.